ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS

Highly customizable OCR SDK for hardware vendors

Integrate OCR and text extraction directly into scanners and MFPs.

The software development kit ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS allows integrating document conversion, text extraction, and barcodes recognition functions directly into hardware appliances. With this highly customizable SDK integrated, devices such as multi-function peripherals (MFPs), handheld scanners or data collection kiosks can extract information, convert and classify documents, and perform other tasks – without being connected to a computer.

Benefits for hardware vendors

ABBYY's OCR SDK redefines what's possible for embedded document processing solutions, allowing MFP vendors to make quantum leaps in the solutions they deliver. With it, they can create smarter devices that can help streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Produce smart and user-friendly MFPs

Embed artificial intelligence into MFPs, paving the way for smarter devices reducing manual input and enabling jobs to be completed with minimal navigation.

Simplify administration

MFPs empowered with the new SDK can easily be trained to classify documents, and automatically repeat scenarios based on document type – without additional middleware or configuration.

Reduce maintenance cost

The ability to source all languages and functionality from one vendor means lower maintenance cost and lower total cost of ownership.

Key features


Best-in-class recognition accuracy

The SDK is based on ABBYY’s OCR and PDF conversion technologies which are widely recognized for their unmatched text recognition accuracy and superior conversion quality.


Low resource requirements

Optimized to work with limited computing resources, including little memory and low-power processors. It can be integrated into MFPs and a wide variety of small devices.


Flexibility and customization

Depending on customer requirements, the Engine can be extended with any feature or export format available in ABBYY's core technology sets.

How it works

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Selected use cases

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