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‘Compare Documents’ functionality

The ‘Compare Documents’ functionality of the development toolkit ABBYY FineReader Engine can be integrated into enterprise software and allows its users to automatically detect differences in content between two document versions, enabling them to quickly track changes, validate the documents’ integrity, or prevent fraud.

Use cases

The technology can be integrated into software solutions for contract management, customer relationship management, content management, or archiving systems, as well as into various solutions for the legal sector to enhance their functionalities and add value for their users.

04A FRE Cases2 Negitoations

Business Negotiations

After sending a business proposal to various business partners, counter-proposals can be quickly compared with original propositions. Discrepancies between versions can be easily tracked even if they are not visibly marked.

04B FRE Cases2 Documents

Document Management & Archiving

Two versions of the same document can be compared to quickly spot differences and track changes, or to determine the latest document version – even if amendments were not documented during the document’s editing and revision process.

04C FRE Cases2 Integrity

Assuring Document Integrity

In situations where document integrity is crucial, such as signing a contract with another party, the received document can be easily matched against the original and possible modifications immediately discovered.


Benefits 118B 77X77

Works with files in many document formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF as well as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and other image formats to allow comparison of digital originals with their printed versions.

Benefits 204R 77X77

Reports only "true" changes in content (text changed, deleted, or added) and disregards document formatting alterations to avoid distracting the user’s attention from the "real" changes in content.

Benefits 164B 77X77

lts can be reached via the API or delivered as a Word document in "Track Changes" mode or as an XML file.

Benefits 120R 77X77

Can be easily integrated and used to compare extensive documents as well as individual pages.

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