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Support for Cloud and virtual environments

To support deployment of document processing and data extraction software within modern environments, such as Cloud or virtual environments, ABBYY FineReader Engine supports a new type of license – Cloud-ready licensing.

This type of license is intended for applications deployed in a Cloud environment - for example, text recognition and data capture systems that are running on Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 platforms. However, the Cloud-ready license can also be used with OCR-workstations or virtual machines that are connected to the Internet.

The Cloud-ready license allows concurrent usage of many users. It can be used simultaneously by several Cloud instances or workstations connected via the Internet and is only limited by the number of pages that can be processed. The Cloud-ready licensing is supported for both Developer and Runtime Licenses. To be able to conduct document processing and OCR tasks in the Cloud or on virtual machines, the processing computer needs an active Internet connection.

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