State of Intelligent Automation Report:
Impact of the Economy on AI Priorities

The economy may have had a downward impact on enterprise investments, but these increased exponentially when implementing AI, according to 82% of IT executives.

This survey reveals details about AI investments, ROI expected and achieved, budget priorities, technologies and processes used, benefits gained, and employees’ mindsets.

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This research was conducted by Sapio Research in July 2023 on behalf of ABBYY. 1000 IT decision makers from 17 industries including financial services, healthcare, transportation/logistics/supply chain, insurance, retail, government/public sector, and healthcare were surveyed across the US, UK, Germany, and France to understand how the current global economic stagnation is impacting investments in intelligent automation. The survey also looked at what technologies, if any, organizations plan to adopt in the near future.

This report reveals average global results.

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