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From “ETL” to “ELT” and Why It Matters for the Next Generation of Process Mining, Discovery & Analysis

From “ETL” to “ELT” and why it matters for the next generation of process mining, discovery & analysis

How data transformation methods impact process mining and discovery results

A key requirement for effective process mining is the ability to access event logs from various systems of record, as they actually occur. This event log data provides the fuel for process insights, predictions, and decision-making. But first, it must be transformed.

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This white paper explores the different approaches to data transformation using ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) and ELT (Extract, Load, and Transform), and their resulting value in supporting process mining of event log data in cased-based processes with a high degree of variability such as healthcare delivery, claims processing, and customer service.

Get to the bottom of why the shift from ETL to ETL matters for the next generation of process discovery, mining, and analysis.

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