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  • Accounts receivable and EOB processing

Accounts receivable and EOB processing

Automate EOB and Remittance Advice processing.

Manually entering EOB and remittance data into billing systems creates delays and backlogs that restrict healthcare providers’ cash flow. When these delays occur at the beginning of the process, it is much harder to meet deadlines for secondary billing and denials. ABBYY automates capture of data from EOB and remittance advices – helping providers to recognize revenue sooner and avoid write-offs.

Automatically capture and process data from EOBs

When the data needed to reconcile EOBs forms is automatically extracted from scanned or faxed documents, it can be uploaded into billing systems sooner – and exceptions can be identified faster. Employees can focus on resolving exceptions and managing denials instead of tedious data entry, improving the revenue cycle. EOB processing automation relieves the burden on staff, and providers can manage peaks in volume without falling behind or hiring additional people.

Another advantage of automated EOB processing is the speed with which employees can locate digital documents in the event of queries or denials. Instead of spending time searching for paper documents, making copies and sending them to payers, providers can focus on cash flow and customer service.

Features & Benefits

With ABBYY technology, you can:

Benefits 103B 77X77

Improve cash flow by automation of accounts receivable.

Benefits 106V 77X77

Easily adapt to increased volume without increasing staff.

Benefits 102R 77X77

Speed reconciliation and eliminate backlogs.

Benefits 185B 77X77

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the risk of human errors.

Benefits 218V 77X77

Accurately extract data from the most complex EOB forms to support straight-through processing.

Benefits 117R 77X77

Reclaim space devoted to record storage to improve environments for patients or staff.

What our customers say

Our billing staff was immediately able to get 7 percent more of their rejected claims out the door. Due to easy storage and retrieval, they gained very valuable time.... I was able to attribute 1.5 days decrease in accounts receivable directly to these efficiencies and another two days to the resultant efficiencies gained, which allowed more work to be done much more quickly.

Kim Newland, Director of Central Billing Office, Lexington Clinic

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