Document Process Automation Solutions for Legal

Digitize, organize, and analyze legal documents in over 200 languages.

Solo/Small law firms

Optimize your solo law practice / small law firm

Imagine running your law practice from the palm of your hands. On the go, your mobile device becomes your virtual office. 

Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of legal documents.

Features & Benefits

Take your law practice to the next level.

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Your office on the go

  • Scan any document, including hand-written paper, to create perfect digital copies in PDF.
  • Permanently and irreversibly redact privileged, confidential, and sensitive information.
  • Verify digital signatures to ensure accuracy.
  • Translate on the fly in over 100 languages.
  • Share and collaborate around your scanned documents with your clients and your colleagues on the go: email, print, or save to Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, Google Drive, and to your matter management applications.
  • Use advanced OCR to search instantly for what you need in any document.
  • Highlight, annotate, and comment on important information and instructions.
  • Automatically grab and make “live” contact info from business cards so you can call, map, or Google your contacts.
  • Scan, digitize, and organize expense records such as receipts and invoices.
Benefits 120V 77X77

Working with documents

  • Easily turn paper documents and scans into searchable PDFs, so you can quickly find documents and access the information within them.
  • Mark up and annotate any part of a PDF (text, images, a chart or a chart area, captions, etc.) using notes, text boxes, and a wide range of mark-up and drawing tools.
  • Forward documents for approval and share documents with your colleagues and clients.
  • Apply password protection to manage access to PDF content with different levels of password protection to control who can open the document, print, edit, or copy and paste from it.
  • Quickly and reliably identify differences between documents across different formats, including scans.
  • Edit paragraphs or add new ones; edit text inside tables and rearrange the elements of the layout within a page.
  • Exchange ideas and questions by commenting on any markups, replying to comments, and assigning a status to comments to better guide your team’s discussion.
  • Permanently and irreversibly remove privileged, confidential, and sensitive information from any PDF.
  • Merge documents into a PDF to create a single PDF from several files in any format, even in different formats.
  • Use a Hot Folder to automate document conversion tasks for individuals or workgroups.

FineReader PDF for legal professionals

Product video

FineReader PDF is an essential tool for legal professionals. It helps you optimize document workflows and save time with the help of built-in features. Scan documents, create PDFs, recognize text, fill in forms, sign, and much more!

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