Deploy the platform on-premise in a private cloud or use the ABBYY Cloud, and scale as needed to meet all your needs.

Vantage is designed as a cloud-first platform that can be deployed on-premise in a private cloud or accessed in the ABBYY Cloud. Vantage utilizes Docker containers and Kubernetes to orchestrate containers, and includes logging and monitoring providing IT teams with required control over the operations of the system.

Integrate the Vantage platform and skills with virtually any application or device using one of the pre-built connectors or the Vantage REST API.

ABBYY Vantage platform architecture - A cloud-first platform
ABBYY Vantage platform architecture - A cloud-first platform
ABBYY Vantage platform architecture - A cloud-first platform

Vantage availability and deployment

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Integral part of enterprise business processes

Enterprises can add Vantage skills to their business processes to deliver key data insights from documents directly into enterprise software systems such as BPM, RPA, ERP, ECM, chatbots, and more.

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Integrated within specialized enterprise software applications

Software Vendors (ISVs) developing specialized enterprise applications for different industry use cases like order-to-cash, claims processing, or customer onboarding can integrate trained Vantage skills to intelligently identify documents and extract data from documents driving greater value for your customers.

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Connected with intelligent automation systems

Enterprises utilizing RPA, BPM, and other automation platforms to orchestrate their process can easily connect trained Vantage skills, automatically classifying documents, extracting business data, and returning the results to the digital worker or workflow process.

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