ABBYY Vantage<sup>&reg;</sup> ABBYY Vantage®

Content Intelligence skills platform for the digital workforce

Enable your intelligent automation platforms with new and advanced cognitive skills.

Delivering business value

Content IQ technology

Vantage makes digital workers smarter

Built with ABBYY Content Intelligence technology, ABBYY Vantage is changing the way we work by powering the new digital workforce with the skills needed to make intelligent business decisions.

advanced cognitive skills

Expedite digital transformation by understanding content

Vantage helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation by complementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA) with new and advanced content skills to perform like humans.

content processing

Easy to use and intuitive

Vantage minimizes the complexity of technologies like OCR and machine learning, making it easy to setup and configure your content centric processes. There is no need to be a programmer or an AI or ML expert––the Vantage platform handles all of the complexity behind the scenes and provides users with an analysis of how the system is learning and improving.

automated document processing

Changing the way enterprises automate document processes

Vantage makes it easy to quickly configure and deploy solutions to handle the complexities of understanding content without requiring users to have vast technical experience and weeks of training.

cognitive RPA

Eliminate lengthy development projects

Vantage eliminates the need for a team of costly experts and weeks of training to bring intelligence to content processes. Vantage Content Intelligence skills packages up OCR, machine learning, and advanced AI technologies and delivers them as consumable skills within an RPA or other next generation automation platform.

fast content processing

Double your processing results within a few months

Save time and money by leveraging proven OCR, design and runtime machine learning, artificial intelligence applied specifically to content to continuously improve processing without human intervention.

customer experience management

Improve the customer experience

Reduce wait time and speed up response times for customer interactions while improving your competitive advantage.

automated document digitization

Accelerate turnaround times

Reduce processing time and backlog by automating the extraction and digitization of documents and routing to the appropriate people and processes for quicker turnaround.

smart robotic process automation

Save time and money

Vantage delivers an exceptional ROI by removing process latency and reducing the costs associated with human involvement by making your robots and processes smarter and more efficient.

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