ABBYY Vantage<sup>&reg;</sup> ABBYY Vantage®

Content Intelligence skills platform for the digital workforce

Enable your intelligent automation platforms with new and advanced cognitive skills.

How it works

Design and publish skills, making them discoverable to an automation platform, and your digital workforce smarter.

How ABBYY Vantage works How ABBYY Vantage works How ABBYY Vantage works
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    Design a skill

    Vantage Skill Designer allows a business analyst to build advanced cognitive skills, along with training and simulating the skills at design-time. The skills can be designed to handle a wide array of structured and unstructured documents, along with training the skill to process many variations of document.

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    Setup and train skill

    Simple and intuitive HTML user interfaces allow a business analyst to interact with documents during design time, labeling different document types, identifying data to be extracted, and publish classification and extraction models.

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    Publish and execute skill

    Once a skill is designed, a user simply publishes and makes the skill discoverable to an automation platform like RPA. From the RPA design studio, skills can be added to a robotic workflow, configured, and deployed. Vantage Data Mapping Service connects the skill data output to the RPA environment for processing.

  • 4

    Interact with skill and improve over time

    Runtime user interfaces for classification and extraction review allow business users to quickly review results at time of processing. Data output is integrated into the automation process, and user learning feedback is delivered back into cognitive learning service to create new learning models for classification and extraction.

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