Use cases

Vantage skills connect into intelligent automation platforms, digital workers, and automation robots to intelligently process business documents in a human-like manner. Here are some examples of where Vantage brings value.

process kyc documents

Customer onboarding & Know Your Customer (KYC)

Vantage provides digital workers with the skills that allow them to automatically read, route, and process documents typically required in KYC processes, enabling faster and better customer service from the first interaction during account opening and customer onboarding.

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process invoices, purchase orders, and receipts

Procure to pay & order to cash

Utilize trained Vantage finance skills for invoices, purchase orders, and receipts to fully automate the extraction of financial data and integrate into finance processes.

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process transportation documentation

Transportation & logistics

Digitize and automate the shipping documentation process for a variety of documents such as shipping instructions, waybills, receipts, and orders to expedite freight flow through forwarders, carriers, and customs clearance.

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process banking documents

Loan processing

Empower your digital workforce with the necessary document skills to understand and process the diverse set of banking documents associated with lending.

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automating document processing

Any document-driven process

Citizen developers and business users can utilize the easy-to-use, no-code Vantage platform to set up and train Document, Classification, and Process Skills for any document type and process flow. ABBYY Partners specializing in automating industry-specific processes can also support your automation journey.

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process insurance documents

Insurance claims processing

Build a new set of digital workers to augment your insurance claim process, eliminate human error, and speed up the processing and handling of insurance claims.

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