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Intelligent Document Processing Skills Keep Getting Smarter and Easier to Use

Bill Galusha

August 26, 2019

Content IQ Skills Keep Getting Smarter and Easier to Use | ABBYY Blog Post

Finding a simple technology solution to solve what could be a complex problem may not always be obvious. Case in point, the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can be applied is showing great promise in many ways for enterprises, but often organizations struggle with knowing how best to apply AI.

If we narrow the discussion and look at applying AI technologies specifically to understand and process unstructured content such as documents, contracts, handwritten information, or images (fax, scanned or mobile captured), the view into applicable use cases become much clearer. Start by considering some common processes involving back-office financial processes or on-boarding a new customer. These processes always have a content processing requirement.

At ABBYY, we focus on applying our best-of-breed AI technology to solve specific customer problems when it comes to processing unstructured content. More specifically, the ability to digitize, classify, extract, and enrich the data with understanding and meaning, allows enterprises to turn unstructured information into structured actionable data. A digital transformation requires a plan on where AI fits in, but it is important to apply a focused approach, and consider how AI technology can complement broader automation solutions both in the back office and customer experience.

Intelligent Document Processing: The Key Technology Ingredient to Any Digital Transformation Strategy

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a class of technologies that help digital workforces understand and create meaning from enterprise content. It brings together best-of-breed OCR, machine learning and other AI technologies to turn unstructured content into structured data while complementing intelligent automation platforms like robotic process automation (RPA) or business process automation (BPA).

With the new digital workforce growing fast, the ability to quickly consume and use IDP technologies across all business areas empowers a broader set of users in the enterprise to automate more. Simplicity and ease of getting started is a key to success and the value you can achieve.

To deliver on the ease of use goal with our products, we have branded a term in the industry that we call “Vantage skill,” which is the driving force behind making “digital” skills discoverable to automation platforms that can quickly be consumed. A skill represents best-of-breed AI technologies from ABBYY that can be quickly consumed as a service and carry out a task like reading a document, routing a document, extracting data, or any other task related to understanding and processing content.

Keep on Innovating

Back in April, we rolled out the first release of ABBYY Vantage, and over the past few months, we’ve gathered great input from select partners and customers which has culminated in our new release. For those new to Vantage, it’s a new offering that represents the first enterprise platform to provide human-like cognitive skills to intelligent automation platforms.

Today, we are excited to announce the next release of ABBYY Vantage which comprises a set of new features focused on simplicity, intelligence, and extensibility.

Vantage was designed to greatly simplify the approach to configuring and training projects to understand and process unstructured content. In this release, we’ve given business analysts new capabilities in the Vantage Extraction Configurator that make it easy to quickly configure a project – learn over time any formats of data in a sentence, text line, or text snippet, detect signatures, and a new design time highlight mode that groups text into logical segments (words, sentences, paragraphs, etc.).

Extensibility is key to consumption and usage of the Vantage skills (services), so we’ve introduced a new Integration REST API that allows enterprises, partners, and software vendors to integrate Vantage with virtually any business process automation system. The Vantage Integration REST API is the basis for how the connectors were developed for Blue Prism and UiPath.

Intelligence is central to Vantage Skills, and with this release, we have simplified online learning setup for configuring the online learning service, promoting new learning models based on minimum processed documents, days, quality improvement, and quality measures.

All these new features are designed to give our partners and customers the tools they need to solve complex content processing challenges, and to achieve the proven benefits of operational efficiency, cost reduction, and better customer experience.

Getting Started

Regardless of your industry, document and process skills provided by the latest Vantage offerings automate a wide array of content-centric processes – handling both structured and unstructured content.

To learn more about the ABBYY’s intelligent automation technology and solutions, and where it fits into your digital transformation strategy, download the latest white paper from Everest Group: Accelerating Digital Transformation with AI-Powered Advanced Content Intelligence. Also, take a few minutes to watch the latest Vantage tutorial videos that are available, which demonstrate how Vantage makes the new digital worker and processes smarter.

Finally, take that next step and contact us for a briefing on the latest ABBYY Vantage release. We’ll show just how easy it is to train and deploy a project that can process a wide range of document types, regardless of whether they are structured or unstructured.

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