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ABBYY Spotlight: Milos Savic, Security Compliance Officer

August 25, 2023

Meet Milos Savic, our dedicated Security Compliance Officer who makes sure everything is shipshape when it comes to security policies and industry standards here at ABBYY.

In this Meet Our Team interview, he shares his journey to ABBYY, how he maintains a work-life balance making the most of our flexible working arrangements, and even recommends some of his favorite entertainment picks.

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What is your role at ABBYY and what is your favorite thing about it?

As a Security Compliance Officer at ABBYY, my primary role revolves around ensuring that our operations adhere to the established security policies, regulations, and industry standards. This involves risk assessments, audits, and constant collaboration with different departments to maintain a secure environment for our clients and our team.

What I enjoy most about my role is the proactive aspect of it. I derive immense satisfaction from enhancing the cyber awareness of our employees, keeping them informed about potential cyber threats and the tactics employed by cybercriminals. It is gratifying to know that my work not only strengthens our company's security measures, it also equips individuals with the knowledge to protect themselves online.

To me, the beauty of this role lies in the ongoing learning and vigilance it requires. The dynamic nature of cybersecurity means that there are always new challenges to address and solutions to devise, which makes my work incredibly engaging and rewarding. I believe that fostering a culture of security awareness is key to our resilience against cyber threats, and being at the forefront of this effort at ABBYY is truly fulfilling.

What does a typical day look like for you at ABBYY?

My typical day at ABBYY is a dynamic blend of different tasks, all geared toward maintaining the security and integrity of our systems. One of the essential aspects of my role involves executing various security controls to ensure the ongoing protection of our digital assets. This could range from monitoring system activities, and access reviews, to updating processes and procedures.

Vendor security assessments also form a crucial part of my routine. Whenever we have a new vendor to onboard, I conduct an in-depth security review. This involves evaluating their security protocols and measures to ensure they align with our standards and will not pose any risk to our systems or data.

Beyond these technical aspects, a significant part of my day also involves providing guidance to our team. I often answer security-related questions from our employees, helping them understand our security policies, best practices, and how to stay safe online. This interaction not only assists in solving immediate issues but also fosters a culture of security awareness within the organization.

Overall, each day presents a new set of challenges and opportunities. This variability keeps me engaged and motivated, as I know that the work I do plays a critical role in maintaining our robust security posture at ABBYY.

Milos Savic ABBYY

What was your previous experience before ABBYY?

Before joining ABBYY, I worked in a couple of different companies. But I would like to highlight my position as an IT Audit Analyst at Deloitte. That role was instrumental in shaping my career path and honing my interest in security.

Working at one of the Big Four accounting firms was an enriching experience. It provided a robust platform where I could delve deep into the intricacies of information technology, data integrity, and cybersecurity. This was where I gained comprehensive insights into IT controls, compliance, and risk management, which formed the foundation of my expertise in security which I am happy to employ now at ABBYY.

This experience was not just a job but a significant turning point in my career. It directed me toward the realm of security, inspiring me to pursue a path where I could make a difference by safeguarding information and systems. The skills and knowledge I gained there are invaluable in my current role at ABBYY and have significantly contributed to my career in security compliance.

What attracted you to ABBYY, what made you join?

What attracted me to ABBYY was its innovative and forward-thinking approach to technology, coupled with its strong, unwavering commitment to security. ABBYY's long-standing history in the tech industry, marked by resilience and evolution, translated into a stable yet dynamic environment to me.

I chose to join ABBYY because I recognized a unique opportunity to be a part of and contribute to, a dynamic, innovative company. I saw it as a platform where I could leverage my skills and experience to add value while also growing both personally and professionally. The convergence of these aspects - progressive technology, robust security, rich history, and people-focused culture - made ABBYY the perfect fit for me.

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What keeps you going, and what are some highlights of your journey with ABBYY so far?

What drives me in my role at ABBYY is the sense of purpose that stems from our mission-driven culture and the opportunity to make a significant impact. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work here has been my active involvement in our ISO 27001 and SOC2 certification processes.

These certifications are critical for our products, showcasing our commitment to meeting the highest standards of information security and operational controls. Being a part of these certification processes was not only challenging but immensely rewarding. It provided an opportunity to collaborate closely with various departments and implement strategies to enhance our security framework.

This experience was a significant highlight of my journey with ABBYY, reinforcing the importance and the impact of my role in the company. The success of these projects, along with the continuous support and collaboration from my colleagues, makes my journey at ABBYY truly fulfilling and motivates me to continue striving.

What’s your favorite benefit at ABBYY? Is there something particular that you enjoy?

My favorite benefit at ABBYY is the flexible working arrangements. The ability to work remotely allows me to balance my professional and personal life effectively. It also empowers me to work at my most productive times and creates a trust-based working environment.

Milos Savic ABBYY

Your top advice to someone joining ABBYY, and for someone joining ABBYY in a similar role?

For someone joining ABBYY, my advice would be to embrace the learning opportunities. The company thrives on innovation and values continuous learning. For those joining in a similar role, understanding the broader business context of your work is crucial. It not only makes your work more impactful but also helps in proactive problem-solving.

What is your definition of work-life balance?

To me, work-life balance isn't just about dividing hours between work and personal life, it's about integration and flexibility. It's about having the autonomy to fulfill my professional commitments without compromising on my personal life and well-being. ABBYY contributes greatly to this understanding, for example, through our wellbeing and wellness days. These days offer us the chance to step away from our usual tasks and focus on self-care and rejuvenation, reflecting the company's understanding that personal health is a key aspect of overall productivity and job satisfaction. So, work-life balance in this context is about creating harmony between our professional goals and personal well-being, and I appreciate ABBYY's commitment to supporting this balance.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?

Outside of my professional life, two activities that I particularly enjoy are traveling and fitness. Traveling has always been a captivating pastime for me. It's about much more than just seeing new places; it's about immersing myself in diverse cultures, absorbing different lifestyles, and appreciating the stunning variety our world has to offer. The sense of adventure and the thrill of the unknown that accompanies each journey make every trip a memorable experience. One of the most exciting aspects of my travels is the opportunity to capture unique moments, landscapes, and views and share them on my Instagram account.

Working out isn't just about maintaining physical shape, it's also my go-to method for clearing my mind and managing stress.

So, between my globe-trotting adventures and my daily fitness routine, I strike a balanced, fulfilling life that complements my professional role.

Photograph of a coastal area

Travel photography of castle and flowers

Lastly, could you recommend us a book/movie/series/ or activity you have recently discovered or are enjoying at the moment? What’s so great about it?

Absolutely, as a frequent consumer of many different streaming services, I've come across numerous captivating series and films. One series I'd highly recommend is "Black Mirror". It's a unique anthology series that explores a high-tech near future where the greatest innovations collide with the darkest instincts of humanity. Each standalone episode presents a thought-provoking story, making us reconsider the direction our society is heading in, especially regarding our relationship with technology. The series' ability to mix contemporary issues with suspenseful and often dystopian narratives makes it incredibly engaging.

In addition to this, if you have a penchant for thrilling suspense and storytelling, there are some fantastic Spanish thriller movies that I would recommend. "The Invisible Guest" (Contratiempo) and "The Body" (El cuerpo) are two of my favorites. Both films masterfully weave intricate narratives with unexpected twists, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout. Their ability to blend suspense with engaging characters and deep emotional narratives is truly remarkable. So, whether you are in the mood for a mind-bending series or an enthralling movie, these selections should have you covered!

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