Be a Legal Eagle with FineScanner's Eagle Eyes!

Have you ever wondered how international attorneys can get through piles of documents, even when dealing with multiple languages?  One of our users told us his secret:

"As a lawyer, I always need to bring with me a powerful tool that can scan documents easily and with excellent sharpness. ABBYY guessed that some of my great needs were for a scanner with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for Spanish and one that facilitates editing the text - without that I would have to transcribe letter by letter for my work. It saves me a lot of time. I strongly recommend its use and congratulate the developers for the success."

We decided that we'd make FineScanner even better and we’re pleased to announce the release of version. 4.6, with full support of iOS 9 and Spotlight search.

Here’s what is new for this release: * The Application now fully supports iOS 9. * Quickly search your documents using Spotlight search (you can see how it works on the above image). * While sending your scan via email or to the Cloud, you can select the appropriate size of the file - small or big – to send.

And what's paramount (do I sound like a lawyer now?) is that FineScanner is the only application on iOS that supports OCR, exporting results in 12 (yes, 12!) formats (including DOC, EXCEL, RTF and others), and it can recognize 44 (yes, 44!) languages.

abbyy finescanner ios support ocr

You can practice your scanning skills with our free FineScanner app, or you can try our professional app, FineScanner Pro.

That's the good stuff for the week!

As Jack Nicolson said (kinda) - "Can you handle the truth?"


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