Let’s Talk to FineScanner on iOS 12

iOS 12 brought many features to Apple-devices. The one of great significance is Siri level-up: she’s become smarter, Siri Suggestions became more accurate, and a WOW-feature is Siri Shortcuts. We’re always up-to-date, so FineScanner is now a friend to Siri.

Siri Shortcuts in FineScanner

In 2017 with iOS 11 release we’ve added PDF-tools, auto-crop has become as accurate as it never was, and Drag-and-Drop on iPad made the work with FineScanner rapid. Now with the new Siri feature, you can attach voice shortcuts to scans in FineScanner. It allows to open documents in a couple seconds, not even opening FineScanner app. Just ask Siri! Follow the steps below to make it work:

  1. In FineScanner documents library make a left swipe on the scan → tap “…” → Properties.
  2. In Properties, you’ll find the new Siri Shortcut menu. Enter it.
  3. You’ll see Siri Shortcut setup window. Tap the red record button and pronounce the phrase. For example, if you create a Shortcut for a passport, say “Open passport”.
  4. Tap Done and close the app.

That’s it! Just ask Siri to “Open passport” and here it is, the scan of passport is opened. The documents in FineScanner will be marked with microphone icon, in case it has a shortcut.

Have a look at this video instruction:

To change or delete a shortcut go to the Properties of the document in FineScanner → Siri Shortcut.

Update to iOS 12 and download the new FineScanner. Make sure to give us impressions and feedback. Looking forward to it!

P.S. Nostalgy FineScanner features for iOS 11 in 2017 and iOS 10 in 2016 are here just as a reminder ;)






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