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ABBYY Marks New Partnerships and Expanded Product Portfolio in Q4 2019

February 13, 2020

The integration of ABBYY Timeline into the portfolio provides ABBYY customers with a robust offering of innovative solutions to fuel their digital transformation initiatives

ABBYY, a Digital Intelligence company, marked several key initiatives during the fourth quarter of 2019 (Q4 2019). Following the acquisition of TimelinePI in August, Q4 was defined by the integration of what is now ABBYY Timeline into the overall portfolio of products, equipping customers with solutions to leverage both content intelligence and process intelligence to improve operational efficiencies, enhance profit margins, and transform the customer experience.

In October, ABBYY hosted its annual Content IQ Summit to share with customers and partners best practices on how organizations can most effectively leverage ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence technologies to transform their business operations. The event attracted business leaders from around the world who attended engaging program sessions on emerging AI trends, advances in content intelligence, best practices for using process intelligence to accelerate their process automation projects and hands-on workshops designed to help attendees raise their Digital IQ.

In Q4, ABBYY released the results of a global research project that it sponsored from the leading research firm IDC. The study, Content Intelligence for the Future of Work, provides revealing insights into the ways in which global organizations are leveraging content intelligence technologies for projects ranging from customer and employee engagement, digital transformation and intelligent process automation. Among many illuminating findings, the survey quantified the critical contribution of content intelligence for intelligent document processing (IDP) as well as numerous applications in support of robotic process automation (RPA).

“The results of the study reaffirm a key guiding principle of ABBYY’s: that artificial intelligence and software robotics enhance rather than replace human capabilities,” commented Ulf Persson, CEO of ABBYY. “The research reasserts our commitment to foster a future of work defined by human-machine collaboration. We will continue to develop products and solutions that enable and enhance this human-machine partnership. The objective is to help enterprises and organisations achieve tangible positive business results from intelligent automation where digital knowledge workers (robots) and humans work together in a synergistic and complementary manner.”

Below are additional key initiatives that ABBYY welcomed in Q4 2019:

Product News

ABBYY Enhances FlexiCapture with ML to Process Content at Industry Leading Rates

Up to 90% of enterprise content is unstructured, according to Cognilytica. Analysts also hold that most unstructured data goes unanalyzed, leaving valuable information “lost” because of the complexity of extracting information. FlexiCapture 12.3 provides a 93% extraction accuracy rate that can feed data into robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM) and content driven process engines.

Partner News

ABBYY and PwC India Form Alliance to Provide Intelligent Automation Platform to Businesses

ABBYY and PwC India solidified a partnership designed to help customers accelerate their automation projects and optimize their business processes. PwC will install ABBYY's products at its facilities in several locations and ABBYY will grant PwC India the right to use ABBYY products for training its personnel. The partnership broadens the scope of services that ABBYY offers clients and opens the possibility of partnering together on an expanded global scale.

UiPath FORWARD III, Las Vegas October 2019

ABBYY joined its partner UiPath at FORWARD III, the largest global gathering of RPA practitioners, to demonstrate how combining robot skills with content intelligence enables digital workers to turn content into business insights. Joint customers include Medline Industries, Costain and RACQ. The ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector is currently available in the UiPath Go! Marketplace where developers can easily add content IQ skills to the UiPath RPA platform.

Sprint Reply and ABBYY Join Forces to Deliver More Comprehensive RPA Solutions in Italy

ABBYY partnered with Sprint Reply to implement innovative solutions in the RPA sector. Sprint Reply is a provider of advanced Intelligent Process Automation solutions based on RPA, Artificial Intelligence and Process Mining. Integrating powerful ABBYY Data Capture technology into their RPA solutions enables Sprint Reply to offer even more comprehensive automation solutions that support Italian enterprises in the adoption of a scalable Digital Workforce.

ABBYY Honors Partners for their Innovation in Digital Excellence

During ABBYY’s Content IQ Summit in October, top developer partners, integrated solution providers, and value added resellers were recognized for their innovation and leadership in leveraging ABBYY Digital IQ solutions to make digital workers smarter and to help organizations make more intelligent business decisions faster. 2019 award winners included Kelley Imaging, Ashling Partners, Formtran, Optiform, GHA Technologies, Insight, Ripcord, and Upland.

Recent Industry Events

ABBYY executives engaged with customers and partners at industry events worldwide. They demonstrated offerings that showcase the value digital intelligence solutions offer enterprises.

ABBYY Content IQ Summit, Nashville October 2019

Hundreds of business and technology leaders from around the world gathered at the ABBYY Content IQ Summit Nashville in October to learn about the latest solutions that provide the digital workforce with cognitive skills to understand enterprise content and processes. The conference featured Forrester and Intellyx keynote speakers and executives from global organizations who shared best practices. The conference garnered attention from national media including Forbes and ComputerWeekly. Key sponsors of the event included Alaris, a Kodak Alaris Business; Blue Prism; Fujitsu; Laserfiche; NICE; Ripcord; UiPath; and Docuflow.

AI World, Boston October 2019

ABBYY showcased its latest digital intelligence solutions and presented on the importance of augmenting human intelligence. ABBYY AI evangelist, Ivan Yamshchikov, spoke about the shift in the future of work that puts a stronger emphasis on people’s soft skills, such as critical thinking, cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence, paired with AI technologies.

AI Summit, New York December 2019

ABBYY Chief Innovation Officer Anthony Macciola delivered a keynote address at the AI Summit New York, the world’s largest AI event for business. The presentation offered timely insights on the ways in which digital intelligence can transform the modern workplace. ABBYY also offered live demonstrations of its solutions that enable users to remove process friction and access more value from their business content.

Recent Industry Research

ABBYY is featured in the following industry research:

Forrester, Digital Fragility: The Ticking Time Bomb Within Enterprises

ABBYY Sponsored Research

ABBYY sponsored the following research:

IDC White Paper, Content Intelligence for the Future of Work

A new study from leading research firm IDC revealed that organizations need content intelligence in order to advance digital transformation. Notably, over 40% of survey respondents experienced a significant increase in customer satisfaction and employee productivity by leveraging content intelligence technologies into their digital transformation strategy. Furthermore, more than 1/3 of respondents observed an improvement in responsiveness to customers, new product or revenue opportunities, increased visibility, and/or increased customer engagement. The study surveyed 500 senior decision-makers in large enterprises in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, France, and Australia, and found a fundamental shift to a future of work dependent on human-machine collaboration.

New White Papers, E-books and Webinars

ABBYY released the following educational resources:

E-book: Accelerating Digital Agility in Insurance

Infographic: Digitizing the Insurance Industry

White Paper: Accelerating RPA with a Comprehensive Process Intelligence Platform

Brochure: The Rise of the Process Digital Twin

Webinar: Introducing Process Intelligence – The Complete Solution for Real Business Transformation

Webinar: Introducing Next-Level RPA: Content IQ Skills are the Key to Automating Unstructured Content Processing

Thought Leadership Articles

AI Business, AI and the future of work: Research reveals content intelligence enables employee engagement

Our feature in AI Business reveals the tangible ways that AI can fundamentally transform the employee experience – from reconfiguring job functions in ways that make jobs more meaningful, to increasing levels of productivity as well as playing a role in enhancing employee retention levels. Find out how Content IQ technologies can enable employee engagement, according to new findings from the IDC. By Anthony Macciola, ABBYY Chief Innovation Officer.

Business Law Today, Contract Analytics: The New Frontier for Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Contracts are the engine of a business. As such, how these documents are managed and analyzed directly correlates with tangible business value. This article explores how AI can be leveraged to improve contract management, ultimately impacting a company’s bottom line. By Andrew Pery, digital transformation expert and consultant for ABBYY.

Strategic Health Care Marketing, The Key to Solving Patient Throughput Efficiency: Process Visibility

Our feature in Strategic Health Care Marketing details how process intelligence technologies empower health care providers to understand throughput opportunities based on real data. By Scott Opitz, President of ABBYY Process Intelligence.


Hot Vendor in Document Analytics, Aragon Research

ABBYY received an award from the global firm Aragon Research for being a Hot Vendor in Document Analytics. Companies selected for the "Hot Vendor" report and award are visionary, innovative and making an impact in enabling organizations to better understand and analyze their documents.

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