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Document Capture Automation

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As an outsourcing provider, you support companies of various sizes and sectors in how they manage their operational business processes. Your clients are aiming to handle growth or peak demands, improve their service and support processes, such as shorter response/turn-around times for customer inquiries, or want to lower process-related costs. No matter which business scenario, as a BPO you must collect, classify and process large numbers of documents in any format quickly and cost-effectively.

Reliable, scalable automated document processing solutions, which are tailor-made for your clients’ special requirements and processes, can create a clear competitive edge. This way, you increase your efficiency and become an even stronger partner for your clients.

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Business Process Outsourcer Vastly Improves Production Costs Using ABBYY FlexiCapture 

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ABBYY has many years of substantial project experience and a strong partner network of industry-specific solution providers. We understand your requirements and processes, as well as those of your customers. Whether it concerns pure conversion projects with document management or scanning service providers or data extraction from forms, requests, invoices or complex special documents such as prescriptions – ABBYY not only supports you in the implementation and adjustment of the solutions to customer needs, but advises you in the preliminary stages of the process.

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