Input Management for SAP®

Capture documents for
instant availability in SAP®

Intelligent data capture for invoices, contracts,
customer requests, and many more

Companies all over the world use SAP® as a platform for managing key business processes. Important processing and approval workflows are mapped using a corporate and relational database and intelligent workflows.

Whether in accounting, controlling, sales, purchasing, production, warehousing or human resources, information that needs to be processed in SAP must first be "captured". To achieve the maximum benefit, this should be done automatically, reliably and cost effectively.

With ABBYY you can easily input your business-relevant documents so they are available in SAP and thus make optimum use of them for onward processes. ABBYY solutions classify, capture and extract all business-relevant content from both electronic as well as scanned paper documents and enable their direct transfer to SAP modules for further processing.

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PepsiCo Automates Invoice Processing with ABBYY FlexiCapture

PepsiCo looked for a solution to eliminate the time and labour-intensive job of keying invoice and credit data into SAP manually. They sought to automate their AP processes with help of ABBYY FlexiCapture. The ABBYY solution helped to save time from the start and turned out to be very accurate and reliable.

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