Mailroom automation

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Digitisation of multi-channel input

The key to success of a mailroom automation solution is its ability to capture high volumes of documents arriving at various input channels in one single system:

  • Paper mail and faxes are scanned to images on enterprise scanners or multi-function printers (MFP).
  • Electronic faxes and e-mails arriving at central mailboxes are fed into the solution – including their attachments.
  • The solution automatically grabs customer communication arriving via web platforms and information sent via mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Visual Classification

A visual classification logic will then analyse form and structure of each document and automatically decide, if a document is to be classed as contract, letter, invoice, delivery note or a customer questionnaire etc. The visual pre-sorting of documents will speed-up text recognition and data extraction in the next steps.

Content Classification

  • Not every document can be clearly identified on pure visual characteristics, especially if it has either a very generic or very exceptional page structure and form. An e-mail body does usually not have a fixed structure nor has a standard paper-printed letter. They could include a customer complaint or a notification of the client’s address change in continuous text – or even both. The automated allocation of such communication to the relevant business case requires a ‘content classification’ by analysing text and identifying predefined and statistically trained key words/phrases.
  • While reading the content of an e-mail or its attached Microsoft Office document seems a solvable task for a software, the “unlocking” of text trapped in a PDF image from a scanned paper document can only be performed by reliable and complex optical character recognition (OCR) technology including language recognition and semantic analysis logics – ABBYY’s core competences for more than 25 years.

Data Extraction

Performing further text recognition processes and taking into account crucial document fields identified in step 2, and the information from the content classification, the solution now automatically extracts all relevant data from the documents such as invoice number, check boxes on questionnaires and customer data on forms.

Data validation

For cases where the extracted data is unclear or was defined as needing additional validation and approval before posting into data bases and backend systems (e.g. invoice sums over a certain amount), the solution offers an intuitive validation interface. It highlights document fields that require special attention by personnel. Refining and adjusting extracted information becomes a simple and fast click-through process.

Case management

Automated processing of standard cases and routing of information to the right downstream process or case worker

  • Based on the classification results and defined case-management workflows each customer query and document is automatically routed to its corresponding business process or unit for further processing
  • Thanks to its neat integration with other enterprise systems, ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms will automatically send all extracted data such as sender information, customer number or content of form fields to the corresponding enterprise systems.
  • Standard cases can even be processed completely unattended. The address change of a customer is directly send into the CRM system, or a job applicant receives an automated confirmation e-mail.

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