ABBYY Mobile Capture Solutions

Capture new opportunities.

Use tablets and smartphones to capture
information for powering business processes.

Some of the Life-Changing Scenarios:


Business Cards apps

Automatic import of leads from business card snapshots into CRM systems.


Personal Finance Software

Instant capture and submission of receipts.


Loan Process Automation

Instant capture of forms and documents for loan processing.



Fast filing of insurance claims using photos of documents.



Accurate on-the-road capture of bills of lading.



Quick and accurate conversion of legal documents and forms to editable text.



Instant capture of documents for electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR).



Quick and accurate capture of test results for different types of exams.

Additionally, mobile capture is increasingly popular for note-taking software, coupon managers, address books, mobile dictionaries, apps for the visually impaired – and for many other mobile applications, clients and online services.

What is the impact of Mobile on information applications?

Thought Leadership Roundtable

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Expanding into New Markets

Find market opportunities and occupy new niches with ABBYY solutions for Android, Apple iOS and other popular platforms.

  • Create unique products for business audiences using special OCR modules and image pre-processing features.
  • Expand your target audience with mobile capture solutions for more than 200 world languages.

Add Value to Products and Services

  • Capture both printed and hand-printed text, checkmarks and barcodes from structured and semi-structured documents.
  • Utilize powerful image processing functions to enhance the visual quality of photographed documents.
  • Save traffic and memory resources, minimize the size of output files.

Configurations for Customized Scenarios

  • Choose the configuration that best suits you: on-device or server-based.
  • Kickstart your projects with assistance from ABBYY Professional Services – the fast way to develop customized solutions.


ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine Makes Tax Time, Relax Time

Powered by FlexiCapture Engines OCR, a new app from TurboTax lets users file taxes using their mobile phones.

Technologies Leveraged

ABBYY Mobile Capture Solutions are powered by advanced technologies that are available exclusively from ABBYY. They include:


ABBYY's best-in-class document capture and form processing products are being used by hundreds of government agencies and businesses all over the world.


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