Invoice Processing Automation with ABBYY

ABBYY's invoice processing solution enables companies to automatically handle incoming invoices and covers all necessary steps of the accounts payable department - ranging from invoice data extraction to validation, release and the final booking of all invoice amounts in the ERP system.

The solution integrates leading components and technologies and streamlines the entire process of invoice processing:

With ABBYY's solution a company can optimise invoice processing, from the point the invoice arrives to the final release and booking. The solution is comprised of the following key components: intelligent data extraction, automated invoice classification, invoice data extraction as well as a incoming invoice validation.

High-quality recognition of invoice data with a regulation framework ensures the invoice's compliance with the respective country of origin's regulations. Best Practice release workflows allow the routing of invoices in order to make them available to the responsible person.

Companies implementing ABBYY's solution for the automation of the accounts payable department can accelerate processing, increase quality, improve internal controls and reduce costs.