Web Capture

Centralised and decentralised Capture via a web client allows the deployment of the product across the entire organisation. Via the integrated Web Capture Client, every employee can scan and index his own documents and push that into the archive for re-use and storage.


Flexible document separation

Flexible document separation

ABBYY FastCapture makes document processing far more efficient. It automatically separates documents into groups making indexing and metadata extraction easy for every employee. An employee simply loads a scanner’s automatic document feeder (ADF) And then ABBYY FastCapture then separates the documents using patch codes, barcodes and blank pages.

Outstanding recognition quality

ABBYY FastCapture allows you to process several documents simultaneously. Users can also enlarge, reduce, rotate, group and reposition document images. Thanks to ABBYY’s award-winning OCR technology and its integrated image enhancement tools, you can even enhance the quality of the original scanned document image.



Barcode recognition

ABBYY FastCapture recognises standard 1D and 2D barcodes, even if they have been distorted in some way (by stamps, hand-writing, etc.). With colour scans barcodes can even be extracted easily at a low resolution. The position and alignment of the barcode is irrelevant.

Powerful data extraction

ABBYY FastCapture automatically extracts the desired data from business documents using OCR and ICR and applies barcode recognition. Extracting barcodes automatically and transferring them to index fields speeds up the process of data indexing for companies and, at the same time, increases recognition precision.

data extraction


Automatic form recognition

In addition to simple document recognition, it is also possible to capture information from structured documents. Forms are processed automatically via ICR, thus significantly reducing manual work and saving costs.

Completely scalable and easy to install

ABBYY or the partner takes care of the entire installation process, making rollout pain-free - even for beginners. Additional stations can be added easily and distributed via the web. Organisations can also install fat clients in their office headquarters (not included in the base package).

Leicht zu installieren


Export to Searchable PDF/A

Searchable PDF export is included per default in ABBYY FastCapture. With ABBYY’s award-winning OCR, documents can be exported as searchable PDFs allowing your employees to search for information inside of the documents precisely and easily.