The key to success of a mailroom automation solution is its ability to capture high volumes of information from various input channels, automatically classify all incoming customer communication and populate it in the downstream business process for subsequent case management.


ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms processes incoming documents from various input channels, including paper, fax, and e-mail. With ABBYY’s solution an organisation can capture information centrally at headquarters, de-centrally in remote offices or in the field with mobile devices.

Multi-Channel capture

E-mail classification

Many individuals prefer to communicate with an organisation via e-mail for obvious reasons: flexibility, time savings and costs. With FlexiCapture for Mailrooms organisations can also process e-mails, including attachments, and help to streamline digital communications with every customer.

Mobile capture

Capturing documents with mobile devices or tablets is becoming increasingly important, particularly to organisations that need to communicate with their customers or employees. Mobile Capture enables not only field service staff to capture documents at the point of engagement but also end customers to communicate with an organisation. FlexiCapture for Mailrooms supports an organisation to integrate mobile devices into the mailroom processing.