ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms is ABBYY’s new solution for automating the processing of inbound customer communication. It supports advanced classification of incoming documents from any input channel, including post, fax and e-mail communication. 

The core of improved productivity


Paper, fax and e-mail can be processed in one application, no matter how or where the documents enter the organisation, either centrally or decentralised. Multi-Channel Capture allows incoming e-mails from customers to be automatically classified using the same platform.


Advanced classification

The solution includes ABBYY’s next-generation classifier technology, which delivers highly accurate classification results for any document type and for e-mails. With ABBYY’s image-based and content classifiers, processing of incoming mailroom communication can be completely automated.

Classification of e-mail content

Organisations can automatically classify incoming customer e-mails and forward them to a downstream business process, which helps speed up case management.


Online training

Classification results can be improved during production through online training. Documents that are classified with a certain quality can be reused during processing for improving the training set. Organisations can then tune the classification results as they go.

Multi-topic classification

The new classifier also supports classification of multiple topics per document or e-mail. Organisations can implement a sequential processing workflow according to topics identified in the document or e-mail.

Web-based mailroom capture

FlexiCapture for Mailrooms enables organisations to shift to an entirely web-based scanning and verification scenario for the processing of incoming mailroom communication.

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