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Intelligent Automation in Your Game-Changing Arsenal

by Gabrielle Lukianchuk, Chief Marketing Officer

We are in interesting times when the human workforce is ready to embrace the benefits AI has to offer, and enterprise leaders are seeing at least twice the ROI from their investments.


We’re in the final quarter, and you’re likely pushing your teams to make a winning play to achieve your goals for the year. This could mean finishing an internal process-improvement project, enhancing a customer-facing platform, or incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) with automation to augment your workforce and supercharge your current solution stack.

In a recent survey conducted by ABBYY, 51 percent of IT leaders said intelligent automation helped them deliver products and services to customers faster within the past year.

We know there has been a lot of hype with AI this year, in particular with generative AI. Our Senior Director of AI Strategy, Maxime Vermeir, is debuting a new ABBYY podcast this month, The AI-Driven Enterprise, to explore this topic in depth . In the first edition, he explains large language models (LLMs) and how generative AI depends on intelligent document processing to deliver accurate information. In future episodes, he’ll explore the technical and business impacts of AI and discuss how intelligent automation can be game-changing for employee efficiency and productivity, make customer engagement more personalized and intentional, and accelerate time-to-value and revenue.

To further empower enterprise leaders with game-changing strategies, ABBYY held Intelligent Automation Month during September. Our goal was (and always is) to help you put your information to work and better understand the differences between the hype, reality, and possibilities of AI. We gathered experts who are in the trenches to share how intelligent automation can make game-changing improvements for customers and the business. You can find recaps in this edition of The Intelligent Enterprise, but I encourage you to watch the sessions on-demand:

  • Driving Automation with Process Intelligence featuring Scott Opitz, Chief Technology Officer at ABBYY, and Marty Pavlik, Generative AI and Intelligent Automation Leader at Doculabs. Scott and Marty explored how process mining tools have evolved into powerful Process intelligence platforms designed to handle the broadest range of use cases and provide deeper insights that accelerate process improvement.
  • Make the Business Case for Intelligent Automation with Bruce Orcutt, SVP of Product Marketing at ABBYY, and Ashwin Gaidhani, Analyst at ISG. They discussed the common hurdles in adoption of intelligent automation, the impact today’s economy is having on IT budgets, and how you can build a business case and prove ROI with decision makers.
  • Fireside Chat with Innovation Leaders with Shanx Tripathi, Practice Lead, Capital Markets & Wealth at IBM Consulting – Financial Services; David Pewitt, VP of Intelligent Automation, AI and DataOps at Deloitte, and Swaraj Kumar Padma, BPM Automation Delivery Head at JLL. They shared best practices for beginning the automation journey, tips and tricks, stakeholder buy-in, and first-hand lessons they learned along the way. This is a must-watch session.

State of Intelligent Automation Report: Impact of the Economy on AI Priorities

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The feedback and participation from attendees ready to expand intelligent automation within the processes across their organization has been staggering, and it reflects that over 80 percent of global IT decision makers said they plan to increase AI budgets in the next year, according to our latest State of Intelligent Automation – Impact of the Economy on AI Priorities report. We are in interesting times when the human workforce is ready to embrace the benefits AI has to offer, and enterprise leaders are seeing at least twice the ROI from their investments.

We are even seeing intelligent automation being embraced in the sports industry.

ABBYY recently made a game-changing announcement about being The Official Intelligent Automation Partner for Arsenal Women Football Club. Arsenal Women is the most successful women's team in the UK. Arsenal Women are at the very forefront of the rapid development of women's football globally.

The partnership between ABBYY and Arsenal Women holds significant promise for both entities, with a commitment to innovation at the heart of it.

Our hope is that the articles featured in this edition of The Intelligent Enterprise equip you with an arsenal of actionable information to help you finish 2023 with a game-winning attitude and record results.

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Gabrielle Lukianchuk

Chief Marketing Officer at ABBYY

Gabrielle Lukianchuk is the Chief Marketing Officer at ABBYY where she oversees global marketing and branding initiatives to accelerate the company’s leadership in the intelligent process automation market. For over 25 years, Gabrielle has led transformative approaches to marketing centered on the customer and takes an intentional storytelling approach that has enabled go-to-market (GTM) strategies with measured business impact.

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