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The Value of Intelligent Capture in Accounts Payable Automation

Leveraging rules, data, and learning, intelligent capture software reduces costs, improves quality, speeds processing, and drives downstream systems including workflow and ERP

Accurate data is the foundation for an efficient, effective accounts payable (AP) process. Intelligent capture software that includes document imaging, separation and classification of invoices, and data extraction and validation introduces integrity in the downstream AP processes.

Read our white paper for an in-depth look at the following issues:

  • What are the advantages of intelligent capture solutions in AP processes?
  • Why entry points and formats are important?
  • How you can integrate a new solution into your existing business systems?
  • Which enhanced capabilities are needed?
  • What are key factors for a successful AP implementation?

Download our white paper and discover the advantages of intelligent capture solutions and find out how they can significantly improve your AP processes.

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