Document Processing— A Better Way

We have listened to you and incorporated your feedback into the latest Vantage 2.3 intelligent document processing release. With this release, no document is too complex or too large for ABBYY’s latest technology to understand and turn data into actionable insight.

Vantage is part of ABBYY’s unique intelligent process automation platform, which brings together intelligent document processing and process mining with ABBYY Timeline. That’s why analyst groups like Everest Group, ISG, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recognize ABBYY as a leader in intelligent document processing (IDP).

Vantage 2.3 delivers on performance, accuracy, and speed—getting you in production in no time with a no-code / low-code design approach to automating document processes.

Vantage release 2.3 highlights

Pre-trained skills for all your documents

As part of this Vantage release, we’ve introduced several new pre-trained Vantage skills that are available in the ABBYY Marketplace. We’ve also improved the quality of popular skills in the marketplace like invoices and purchase orders, delivering higher accuracy. Now, you can quickly get started with over 150 IDP assets right at your fingertips to transform unstructured data from documents into structured, actionable data, making it easier to understand, analyze, and consume.

New Vantage Skills:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • IRS Form 990
  • Utility Bills (new table extraction)
  • W-8 Form Series (IMY, EXP, ECI, BEN, & BEN E)
  • W-4, Employee's Withholding Certificate
  • Business Cards
  • Resume (CV)
  • Receipts (added language and country support for Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea)

Vantage release 2.3 highlights

Benefits 144R 77X77

More efficient multi-page document processing

Documents sometimes arrive one by one, but in other cases you might receive a PDF with 100 different vendor invoices. Available now is a new document splitting skill, where Vantage will auto-detect the start and end of a multi-page document like an invoice, eliminating any manual work that would otherwise be required.

Benefits 154B 77X77

Smarter data extraction from complex tables

ABBYY AI advancements in machine learning improve the ability to identify and extract data from complex table structures like side-by-side tables, multiple tables in one document, and tables spanning hundreds of pages. These advancements mean your users spend less time reviewing documents and more time on other productive tasks.

Benefits 206R 77X77

Better process design and management

Create review queues and routing rules, assign user permissions, and apply actionable monitoring to your document processes.

Benefits 116B 77X77

Improved human-in-the-loop experience

With human-in-the-loop, you can customize the review experience to fit the needs of the human reviewer, simplify exception handling, and increase employee efficiency.

Benefits 163R 77X77

Expanded language support and increased accuracy for handwritten text

Industry-leading IDP platform supports handwritten text extraction for English, German, and French. Take the extracted results and combine with rules, business logic, and human-in-the-loop review to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Benefits 190B 77X77

Dynamic mobile capture experience

Empower your business users to quickly complete document-related tasks from their mobile devices. Streamline the customer experience, enabling your customers to connect and upload documents as part of an online interactive customer process. 

Benefits 222R 77X77

Expanded catalog of connectors to RPA, BPM, and other systems

Several connectors have been updated and new ones introduced, including connectors for UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power Automate, and Pegasystems.

Download connectors on ABBYY Marketplace
Benefits 214B 77X77

Automated tenant creation and license sharing

ISVs and BPOs looking to leverage Vantage in the ABBYY Cloud can now automatically create tenants via an API and share one license subscription across all tenants, simplifying the licensing and management of multiple customer environments.

Benefits 122R 77X77

New Microsoft Azure private cloud deployment

The Vantage platform is available in the ABBYY Cloud managed as a SaaS environment. We’ve now added support for customers to deploy into a Microsoft Azure private cloud.

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