Move your Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) strategy forward

We are constantly communicating with our customers to understand their document processing challenges and desired outcomes. The latest capabilities added to Vantage in the 2.2 release deliver something for all users, whether you’re a non-coder, someone with experience training document models, or the human operator whose job it is to work with the data that is being processed.

Check out the latest advances in our Vantage 2.2 release

As recognized by Everest Group in their latest report

With this release of Vantage, the ABBYY Marketplace has now grown to over 100 assets, including 15 new document skills to jumpstart more automation projects. New, production-ready document skills recently added to ABBYY Marketplace include:

  • Identity Document (ID)
  • Remittance Advice
  • Utility Bill
  • Personal Earnings Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • 1040 (Schedule C, D, E, & F)
  • Arrival Notice

Vantage release 2.2 highlights

Benefits 121R 77X77

New ID skill for customer onboarding and servicing

The new Vantage Identity Document Skill delivers the most comprehensive trained model that recognizes and extracts information from passports, US driver’s licenses, and 10,000 other document types in 248 countries. Use the skill directly from the Vantage mobile capture app to complete new account opening, servicing, and application processes combined with other trained skills in the ABBYY Marketplace.

Benefits 187B 77X77

More flexibility in document training for optimal extraction results

The Vantage 2.2 Advanced Skill Designer leverages new capabilities to tackle training of documents that have a high degree of variation and complexity like contracts, financial documents, and more. Deep learning and NLP activities enable skills to be trained to extract field data from semi-structured and unstructured documents using ABBYY’s underlying machine learning technology. Scripting activity allows users to add another layer of validation checks to the extracted data to ensure your data is 100% accurate.  

Benefits 218R 77X77

Greater OCR accuracy with complex backgrounds and handwritten document processing

This release includes new handwriting capabilities to process forms and documents that are filled out with handwritten text, so no document gets left behind. Additionally, Vantage has been further trained to recognize data on documents with complex backgrounds like birth certificates or documents with water marks.

Benefits 147B 77X77

Data warehouse for future process optimization

We’ve introduced a new data warehouse into Vantage that stores all document process transactional data. This warehouse is built to connect into ABBYY Timeline so that you can monitor your end-to-end processes, analyze and monitor document process activities, take control of your operations, and ensure your processes are meeting SLAs.

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