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How to be a SuperStar in College

March 09, 2016

I remember my first day of college.  I had a backpack full of books and lots of great aspirations.

At the end of the semester, I just felt 2 inches shorter from lugging all my books. Imagine if you had to carry all your books for a full day of classes again - I just cringe at the thought!

Students today have it so easy - they can leave their books at home and carry the important parts on their mobile phones.

With ABBYY’s FineScanner Pro app , students (and professionals) can scan, save and store all they want. This powerful all-purpose mobile scanner & document manager allows them to quickly capture text and images, create electronic documents, and apply OCR to recognize texts for further editing and sharing.

Abbyy FineScanner scan save study iOS

They can use their iPhone/iPad camera to scan paper documents, lecture-notes, textbooks, workbooks, magazine articles, pictures, charts, tables, slides or even whiteboards in classroom (as long as they stay awake) and save the results in PDF or JPEG.  And as an added bonus, FineScanner recognizes printed text (OCR) on scans in 44 languages and users can choose from among 12 output formats allowing you  to save the original document formatting, and the digital document including .DOC, .XLS.

So enjoy those crazy college days without breaking your back or the bank, and try our efficiency superstar - FineScanner (our basic free to use app). Did we mention that our app IS actually a Superstar - it gets mistaken for Angelina Jolie all the time - it was the Winner of the SUPERSTAR Award in the ‘Document Capture' category in the Mobile Star Awards (plus it was selected by Lifehacker's audience as one of the best mobile scanners, as well as winning the title of Best Mobile: Productivity from the Webby Awards).


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