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Music on Smart Watch, Signing Documents, Skiing

September 03, 2018

An ordinary watch will tell you the time or help to boil an egg to perfection. Smartwatches do all that and more. Today you will learn to listen to music on smartwatch without smartphone, sign documents, and tip on skiing.

Smartwatches are everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes with tons of useful features and often double as fashion accessories. There are lots of options on the market for any taste and budget.

many smart watches

One of the most popular smartwatch features is the music player. Your phone may be too bulky for a workout but a smartwatch is just the ticket. Read on to find out how to play music on your wearable gadget without having your smartphone within range.

iOS Tip: Listening to Music on Your Apple Watch Without Having Your iPhone Nearby

Method 1

You can save music files onto your Apple Watch by simply syncing playlists created on your iPhone with your Apple Watch. This method can be used for all Apple Watch models.

apple watch

Proceed as follows:

  • Put your Apple Watch on the charger. This is necessary as synchronization uses a lot of battery power.
  • Go to the Music app on your iPhone.
  • Select Playlists → New Playlist…

iPhone music app

create new playlist on iPhone music app

music playlist for apple watch

  • Select the desired tracks, name your playlist, and tap Save.
  • Open the Watch app on the smartphone and select My Watch → Music.
  • Tap Add Music…

Apple Watch Music settings

  • In the Automatically Add section, you can enable or disable playlists. Songs in your enabled playlists will be automatically saved on your wearable device. For example, the Heavy Rotation playlist will include your recently played tracks. If you are an Apple Music subscriber, the tracks in the New Music Mix and Favorites Mix playlists will be automatically loaded into your watch. If you listen to a lot of music and mark tracks you like with a heart icon, the For You section will list recommendations based on your likes.

how to modify apple watch playlists

Apple Music Love a song

Now that you have loaded the tracks into your watch, put your earphones into pairing mode, go to the Bluetooth settings on your watch, and pair it with your earphones.

Apple Watch pair Bluetooth device

Now open the Music app and when it says “Choose a music source to play from”, select Apple Watch. Then tap Play et voila—you can enjoy your favorite music playing on your Apple Watch!

play music from Apple Watch

Method 2

This method will only work for the Apple Watch Series 3, which supports eSIM technology.

If you have an active subscription to Apple Music, your media library will be automatically synced with your Apple Watch when you connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. To start listening, open the Music app, swipe up, and tap Library.

listen to music on Apple Watch

Remember that you can also ask Siri to launch desired tracks.

Android Tip: Listening to Music on Wear OS-Powered Devices

Method 1

To listen online, open Google Play on your smartwatch, making sure it is connected to Wi-Fi and paired with your Bluetooth earphones. You will also need an active Google Play Music subscription.

If your watch supports eSIM technology, you can also stream music by connecting it to your cellular networks.

Now open Google Play Music and enjoy your tracks. Method 2

A Wear OS-powered watch allows you to download tracks and listen to them offline. To download music, you must connect your watch to a Wi-Fi network. Then open the Google Play Music app and tap the download icon next to the desired track. When the download completes, a tick will appear next to the track. Tapping this tick will delete the song from the watch.

Naturally, when your watch is offline it will only play previously downloaded tracks.

ABBYY Tip: How to Sign a Document in FineScanner for iOS

FineScanner for iOS lets you add a signature to your document in seconds:

  1. Go to your document feed.
  2. Open a desired document and tap Annotate at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Sign icon below the document.
  4. Sign your name directly on the screen.
  5. Scale your signature and move it where it should appear on the document.

finescanner pdf tools abbyy iphone finescanner

Now you are ready to send the document to your colleagues to complete the approval procedure!

To learn more about other PDF editing features available in FineScanner, see this article.

App of the Week: SimpleMind

Mind maps are an excellent way to visually organize your ideas and plans. They can be used in many different situations—from preparing for a holiday and planning events to drawing up business plans.

SimpleMind is an app that will help you structure your plans. This user-friendly solution with a minimalistic design provides only features that you actually need.

mind map app

Create a new mind map and specify a “central topic”. In this example, we are drawing a mind map to prepare for a holiday. Tap the plus icon to add associated ideas. Here’s what you may want to consider: pack beach clothes and sunscreen, don’t forget your flight tickets, check departure time online, remember to water your houseplants before you leave. Put all these on the map.

Tap the “Т” icon to add a note to an item. It won’t be shown on the map but you can open it at any time by simply tapping on it.

SimpleMind app

The app offers a wide variety of visual styles for your diagrams!

Mind Map on SimpleMind App

If you prefer your plan as a list, simply select the Outline option in the bottom-left corner.

Outline mind map mobile App

The app is available both on iOS and on Android. The basic functions are available free of charge. You can also purchase additional features such as the ability to change colours, add images and photos, add hyperlinks to mind maps, AirPrint mind maps, and more. See the screenshot below for the complete list of paid-for features.

simple mind app

First-Hand Experience: Advice From a Colleague

By Ludmila Krasnova, Marketing Manager

Ludmila Krasnova ABBYY

I bet your social network profile is packed full of all kinds of photos and you already have summer pictures of yourself on a motorbike, driving a stylish car, and lazing on a sunny beach.

Come winter, your next big set of photos will definitely come from a skiing destination.

Here’s a few tips on what you can start doing right now to prepare yourself for the slopes.

While there’s no snow, go online and do the following:

  1. Find some teach-yourself videos and try learning the basics. I recommend subscribing to Ski School by Elate Media.
  2. Try to find a year-round indoor skiing facility where you can learn to ski with a professional instructor.

If you want to be really serious about your skiing:

  1. Build up some leg muscle. At least two months before your skiing holiday, start doing three sets of 50 sit-ups every day.
  2. Invest in good skiing gear and thermals.
  3. Take out an insurance.

That’s all from us for today. See you next Monday!

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