Content Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Make robots smarter by turning unstructured content into structured, actionable information.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) transforms how organizations automate manual, repetitive and structured tasks. To be effective, robots need to be smarter to interpret and understand content – documents, images, text and other communications. ABBYY Content Intelligence technologies and solutions make robots and processes smarter so you can dramatically improve the customer experience and operational costs.

Increase the efficiency of document flows

accelerate business processes

Prompt transactions, decisions, and actions

Accelerate processes for any kind of business document – applications, claims, orders, and communications; eliminate costly and time-consuming manual operations.

robotic based automation compliance

Stay compliant

Turn your robots into compliance officers by transforming critical documents into structured information; ensure your robots have the required data to complete the work in a timely manner, while complying with regulations.

digital transformation and rpa

Achieve greater value

Expand RPA usage to content centric processes; supports strategic digital transformation initiatives across the entire organization.

intelligent robotic process automation

Add intelligence to robotic processes

Turn robots into the next class of digital workers by delivering fast usable data, eliminating manual work and lengthy document review processes.

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The path towards intelligent automation: RPA and intelligent capture

Expand RPA usage to include the extraction of data and insight from structured and unstructured documents to support strategic digital transformation initiatives across the enterprise.

Document processes have a new class of digital workers

Accounts payable

Automate invoice processing; capture all the details of an invoice – header, footer, and line item details – for accurate and timely payment of suppliers’ invoices.

Mortgage lending

Make the entire process more efficient, from early automated capture of mortgage applications to classification of supporting documents, and integrate into the RPA process.

New account opening

Automate opening of accounts so institutions can eliminate costly and error-prone manual work; ensure high-quality data and shorten the overall process.

Insurance claims

Insurers can take in content as part of insurance claims where documents, images, and text are extracted and turned into meaningful information and connected into a robotic process.

Logistics shipping

Fast and highly accurate recognition of shipping instructions, waybills, receipts and orders for identifying cargo.

Customer stories


PepsiCo used content intelligence to eliminate the time and labor-intensive job of invoice data processing and credit data entry into SAP manually.

Shared Services Center of the global logistics service company Rhenus capture invoices and other documents with a ABBYY Content Intelligence solution.

Logistics via Middle East

Large logistics provider in Dubai processes up to 100,000 custom documents daily with 3 operators instead of 30.

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