Key facts

ABBYY is a global leader in Digital IQ. Our Digital IQ solutions empower the modern workforce with transformational digital skills to remove process friction and access more value from business content.

A mission to liberate meaning and insight

We believe that you can’t improve what you don’t first understand. Today’s enterprises have a wealth of information locked within their processes and the content that fuels them. We strive to provide newfound access to that data, so that organizations can make intelligent decisions about process improvement and technology investments, with the end result of increasing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Empowering through Digital IQ

Digital IQ is a class of enabling technologies that help digital workforces understand and create context from organizational content and processes. Enterprises use Digital IQ to accelerate their digital transformation by complementing intelligent automation platforms like RPA, BPM and others. Through Process IQ, organizations benefit from process transparency and clarity, gaining the ability to uncover patterns. Content IQ enables digital workers learn to turn unstructured content into structured, actionable information, deriving value out of content-centric processes. This combination of insights delivers digital intelligence – illuminating paths to improved customer experience, reduced operating costs and increased market competitiveness.

The ABBYY commitment

ABBYY’s team of industry experts leave a mark on our solutions with the following things in mind.


Enabling solutions that are easy to design, deploy and use.


Delivering intelligence in the form of cognitive skills. From process analysis and intelligence to optical character recognition (OCR), to classification, and extraction, enterprises leverage ABBYY’s machine learning and artificially intelligent technologies to drive better processes.


Designed for broad applicability in the enterprise. By deploying for many processes across an organization, enterprises can better align functions.

Global footprint

ABBYY customers and partners can be found in almost every vertical and region in the world. Thousands of organizations globally and more than 50 million people from over 200 countries and regions use ABBYY products, technologies, solutions and services.* ABBYY provides AI-based solutions and services to one-third of the Forbes 100 companies who are actively deploying a new digital workforce consisting of robotic process automation (RPA) software robots to achieve intelligent automation.*

ABBYY has a worldwide presence with global offices in Europe (Munich, Germany), North America (Milpitas, California) and R&D center in Russia. ABBYY also has regional offices in Australia, UK, France, Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hungary and Japan.

* According to internal ABBYY data

The ABBYY team

ABBYY has more than 1300 regular employees worldwide. From Silicon Valley to Japan, you’ll find a passionate, dedicated team of innovators, technical experts, and visionaries. We’ve been excelling for 30 years.

Corporate and social responsibility

Every business has an impact on society. We at ABBYY make our social contribution to society through sharing our technologies and expertise. Since the very beginning, ABBYY has been creating technologies and solutions that preserve information and turn it into valuable knowledge. Over the years, we have completed a number of commercial and volunteer projects in the social sector as well as for local, national, and international governments – from digitizing the Gutenberg library, to Leo Tolstoy’s works to the Bolshoi theater archive. All of them served an important social mission.

We call this skill-based volunteering when ABBYY employees work on nonprofit projects for an extended period of time. We use our professional skills and technologies to support socially responsible ideas.