Powerful Web-based scanning
solution for every company.

Scalable and easy-to-use document capture.

ABBYY FastCapture is a powerful organisation-wide document scanning solution for both centralised and decentralised scenarios. Using ABBYY FastCapture companies can easily and efficiently control the flow of incoming information. Documents – both paper and electronic – are converted to reusable data that can be archived and stored in downstream systems. This makes it easy for companies to quickly scan, index and export all of their business documents.

Capture Made Easy

Quickly scan, index and export all business documents.

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Web-based scanning and indexing for the whole company


Web-based Capture

The only solution on the market that allows web-based scanning and validation in one station – for truly web-based document capture.

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Scan any business document, manually assign meta data and export it to a line of business system as searchable PDF and PDF/A.

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Forms Processing

Classify and extract hand-printed text and barcodes from forms, such as credit card applications or insurance claims.

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