ABBYY mobile capture solutions

Use tablets and smartphones to capture information for powering business processes.

Mobile capture turns smartphones into a powerful new entry point for data input, bringing corporations closer to customers, partners, and employees alike. By enabling users to easily input data for use in backend systems at the point of origin, companies can accelerate the processes and thus realise completive advantages and cost savings.

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Scan and capture - any time, any place


Customer onboarding

Accelerate registration processes by capturing data from ID cards and drivers’ licenses.


Expense management

Instant capture and submission of receipts for travel or other expenses.


Business cards apps

Automatic import of leads from business card snapshots into CRM systems.


Loan process automation

Instant capture of forms and documents for loan processing.


Loyalty management

Capture data and barcodes form receipts, coupons, or product packages for use in loyalty management programs and raffles.



Instant capture of documents for electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR).



Fast filing of insurance claims using photos of documents.

Mobile capture for logistics documents


Accurate on-the-road capture of bills of lading.


Apps for the visually impaired

Capture of text on paper or in natural setting and feed it into text to speech apps.


Translation on the fly

Instantly translate text from a foreign language by just pointing the smartphone at it.

Flexible deployment

ABBYY mobile capture solutions are powered by advanced technologies, which include cutting-edge image pre-processing, highly accurate and intelligent optical character recognition as well as market leading data capture and classification. As a customer, you enjoy great flexibility with respect to deployment scenarios.

  • Kickstart your projects with assistance from ABBYY Professional Services – the fast way to develop customized solutions.
  • Choose the configuration that best suits you: on-device, server- or cloud-based.
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On-device configuration

ABBYY on-device mobile solutions capture text and data using devices’ built-in cameras and are ideal for document recognition when users are offline.

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Server- or cloud-based configuration

ABBYY server- and cloud-based mobile capture solutions are mainly used for intelligent form processing (advanced data extraction and classification).

Mobilise your business processes

See how to turn the smartphones of your employees into mobile scanners to ease repeating administrative tasks.

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Customer stories

Case Study - Sberbank

Europe’s third largest bank allows corporate customers to pay paper bills using bank’s own app on their mobile devices.

Case Study McDonald

During 2015 FIFA World Cup McDonald’s Germany used cloud OCR to digitize promo codes sent via mobile app.

Case Study - DBS Bank

DBS Bank accelerates the loan application process via a mobile app integrating OCR technology.

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