Mobile Capture

Mobile capture right
at the point of origin.

Capture information on smartphones
and tablets and reuse it in business

Capture content from documents and photos and integrate mobile devices, tablets and smartphones into important business processes.

The mobility wave is opening new ways for capturing data from documents. Organisations in sectors like insurance, healthcare, transportation, banking and government, are evaluating how to integrate mobile devices into their existing processes to provide better customer service in a shorter timeframe and reduce overall operating costs.

Whether individual consumers or in a B2B environment customers live in a digital age and expect real-time responses. This pressure in turn falls back on suppliers who must respond by changing processes and removing manual work. Making a process quicker and easier for a customer not only improves customer service but it also increases customer loyalty.

Filing expense reports while on the go, processing insurance claims in the field or streamlining the check payment processes by using mobile capture technologies can turn into significant cost savings for any enterprise. By capturing information at the point where it originates and delivering it to an enterprise application for processing enterprises can accelerate the processes, speed up transactions and reduce operating costs.

Mobile Capture for Internal Workflows

Turn the smartphones of your employees into mobile scanners to ease repeating administrative tasks.

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