invoice processing.

Achieve operational efficiency,
reduce costs and see a fast ROI.

ABBYY's solution for automated invoice processing can help make AP departments more efficient and productive. The solution offers a significant potential for immediate savings and a quick ROI. It can change the department’s traditional role as a cost centre into that of a profit centre, contributing positively to the growth of the company.

By scanning paper invoices at the point of entry, or directly importing them if they are electronic, an entirely automated accounting process can be achieved, from the initial extraction of invoice information all the way to final archiving of the documents. As part of the automated process verification against existing business systems like SAP, Oracle and Sage can take place, as well customised approval workflows and exceptions handling.

ABBYY's solution for accounts payable automation speeds up the entire process by integrating powerful technology for data extraction, includes best-practice workflows for invoice approval, rules-based routing, escalation and error handling.

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Process transparency

Transparent processing of incoming invoices is critical for efficient business operations. An invoice - whether electronic or on paper - must be digitised in an email inbox, so that the finance department or the accounting department are immediately notified.

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Reduce costs

Financial departments are faced with a serious challenge. Today they must be seen more as a profit than a cost centre and must contribute actively to the growth of the company.

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Data quality

Manual processing of invoices often leads to entry or balancing errors, which can result in time-consuming post-processing or - in extreme cases - missed or incorrect payments.

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Cash flow management

As a strategic area inside an organisation the finance department is responsible for the optimised management of a company's cash flow. For this reason, it is important that all incoming supplier invoices are monitored and paid at the best time.

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The Value of Intelligent Capture in Accounts Payable Automation

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Advantages of electronic invoice processing:

  • Cost savings from eliminating the costs for postage, envelopes and shipping from the supplier
  • Manual steps are no longer necessary, because invoices do not have to be opened and digitised
  • Invoices are sent directly to the invoice processing workflow
  • Invoices can be archived directly at the time of receipt

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ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices

Business-ready solution for automating invoice capture in an accounts payable process, from digitisation of incoming invoices to data extraction and input into backend systems.

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