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Look to four use case categories to push RPA and AI convergence

Text analytics leads the way in driving RPA-AI convergence

Robotic process automation (RPA) is growing faster than even the most ambitious projections — driven by new AI-based building blocks. Forrester's report highlights four use cases driving the RPA-AI convergence, with text analytics leading the way by organizing unstructured data into clean files for RPA tasks.

In the report Look to Four Use Case Categories to Push RPA and AI Convergence, Forrester explores how the evolution of RPA has driven a greater demand for AI tools, particularly text analytics.

In the early days of RPA, the market focused on simple processes based on "the three 5s" — fewer than 5 decisions, 500 clicks, and 5 applications accessed. To keep up with the pace of change, RPA robots must become smarter.

By organizing unstructured content into usable data, text analytics increases the strategic value of RPA. Before robotic applications can use inputs such as claim forms and invoices, an ability to extract relevant data and put into a structured and meaningful way must be possible.

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