No Page Limitation

ABBYY FastCapture has no page limitation and is licensed per user. Thanks to this  and the fact that the processing power is only limited to CPU Cores allows a company-wide roll-out of capture.

Easy to use - for everyone

The Capture application is easy to use by every employee in an organisation. There is virtually no end-user training needed, as the web-based GUIs are intuitive and integrate seamlessly with the Windows desktop. No end-user training means that the application can be rolled out in the whole organisation easily.

Outstanding Recognition Quality

ABBYY FastCapture integrates ABBYY's award-winning recognition and classification technologies, as well as offering built-in validation rules, FastCapture ensures exceptional data accuracy. Ergonomic web indexing interfaces allow additional indexing of sensitive data.

Reduce the cost of capture

The mix of top-notch technology accompanied by its highly attractive licensing allow a fast ROI for the Capture product. Costs for roll-out, maintenance and operations are lower than the market avg. based on ABBYY's internal estimations.

Completely scalable and easy to install

The application is truly scalable and scales with the requirements of an organisation. New users can be added on-the-fly by adding them to the capture application, stations can be distributed via the web.

Upgrade to ABBYY FlexiCapture

If a company’s requirements for document processing increase, they can upgrade from ABBYY FastCapture to the high-end ABBYY FlexiCapture solution easily. Using this Enterprise Capture solution, they can classify their entire incoming mail system and even automate their invoice processing fully.