Web Capture for both centralised and decentralised scenarios

ABBYY FastCapture is ideal for organisations that want to implement an organisation-wide scan-to-archive application. Especially organisations that have centralised, decentralised or distributed operations can benefit from ABBYY FastCapture, as document capture can be done entirely via the web. All employees within the company or branch office can scan documents, index associated metadata manually or semi-automatically, and transfer the extracted data to downstream business processes for archiving or further processing.

Web-based scanning, validation and indexing with ABBYY FastCapture

From paper to data – all via web browser

Centralised and decentralised Capture via a web client allows the deployment of the product across the entire organisation. Via the integrated Web Capture Client, every employee can scan and index his own documents and push that into the archive for re-use and storage.


Web Capture: web-based Scanning 


Web Capture: web-based Indexing 

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