Faster Decision-Making Process

Due to the automation of mail processing with ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms, the decision making cycle is significantly shortened. Customer enquiries can be processed according to their priority.

schnellerer Entscheidungsprozess
Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer Service

Through quick reaction to incoming enquiries communication with customers and the responsiveness to their needs can be further improved.

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Minimised Expenses for Manual Work and Archiving

All incoming communication can be automatically digitised, which reduces manual work to a minimum, resulting in lower costs and fewer errors. Additionally, the ABBYY solution helps to significantly reduce storage and archiving costs, because documents can be stored in a virtual archive.

geringere Ausgaben

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Erhöhte Kontrolle

Better Monitoring and Visibility

By using ABBYY’s mailroom automation solution, businesses can better control the flow of incoming information in an easy and efficient manner. Incoming mail can be automatically classified, prioritised and distributed.

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Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Mailrooms face high labour and staff costs related to distributing and processing of letters, as well as other expenses associated with resending, losing, destroying and archiving documents. ABBYY’s digital mailroom solution has a direct positive effect on overall costs by contributing to major savings and increased productivity for the business.


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reduzierte Kosten

Reduced Cost and Fast ROI

Organisations can reduce operating costs by eliminating manual document handling and extraction. In combination with increased speed of document processing, this will result in a fast return on investment.

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