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ABBYY FlexiCapture processes documents from scan stations, Hot Folders, e-mails or mobile applications, serving as a single-entry-point for document input. Word, Excel, PDF, e-mail bodies and other digitally created documents are in the same flow as scanned images - there is no need to separate images form text formats. Special importing profiles monitor folders and e-mail clients, detect documents and send them to processing stations automatically without any intervention from operators.


FlexiCapture comes with advanced classification technology that automates the processing and routing of incoming documents enabling multichannel capture and electronic communications. It classifies documents into different types (e.g. driver license, bank statement, tax form, contract, invoice, etc.) or variations (e.g. invoices from different vendors). For this purpose, FlexiCapture uses multiple classifiers (image, text and rule-based) that can be combined into a hierarchical system and an intelligent voting mechanism to choose the best possible result.

The new technology delivers optimal straight-through processing performance, enhances accuracy and reduces manual review. The automatic learning process, via neural networks, also radically simplifies set-up, eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming rules.


FlexiCapture comes embedded with supervised and reinforcement learning techniques that enable the system to automatically learn, adapt and continuously improve its data extraction algorithms, even in the live process environment through intuitive “point-and-learn” user guidance. With just a couple of clicks on a document, you can show the program which data you would like to extract. Show it again and the program will do it itself from now on. Whenever you need it, you can improve or correct anything by teaching the program new rules or reviewing the results of previous learning. FlexiCapture works by itself while staying completely under your control.

You can train FlexiCapture to classify documents (i.e. identify document types) and detect field regions on documents with fixed and semi-structured layouts. If field locations vary greatly from document to document, you can classify documents into layout variants and train FlexiCapture to detect field regions on each variant separately.


With its Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring and enforcement functionality, FlexiCapture provides a mechanism for document processing prioritisation and resource control to achieve required service levels. Advanced system monitoring and reporting tools help analyse the document processing flow and ensure correct prioritisation. You have the option of specifying expiration times for different batch types, and automatically prioritise and monitor batches that are about to expire. When a batch nears its expiration time, its priority rises automatically, and the batch and its tasks are moved to the front of the queue. FlexiCapture displays the statuses of the batches and tasks on the Verification Station, the Project Setup Stations, and in the Administration and Monitoring Console. FlexiCapture warns you so that you are able to resolve conflicts by allocating more resources to problem stages. This supports organisations in meeting both internal and external regulatory compliance requirements.


A document set is a package of different documents combined by one purpose or one common logic. Multiple linked documents can be processed as one complete case file, with various assembly, processing and validation checks, to improve efficiency in more complex case management scenarios such as customer on-boarding, mortgage loan application or claims management. These scenarios imply not only document recognition, but also the need to check if all required documents have been provided (completeness check) and that all of them belong to the same case (continuity check), e.g. verify that the person name is the same in all submitted documents. FlexiCapture displays the main fields from different documents on the same form to enable comparison of key fields, seals, photos or signatures. This functionality allows you to extract the necessary data and to make an informed decision about the case.


The multitenant architecture of FlexiCapture allows several different groups of users to work within the system while having no access to each other’s data and configuration parameters. This makes it possible to maintain data security among the different departments of a large corporation or different clients of a BPO while still managing the single software installation and being able to benefit from aggregate reports on the system’s performance and centralised maintenance.

The native multi-tenant architecture is capable of providing public and private cloud-based deployments. This reduces time to market and open up new opportunities for small and medium sized organisations who no longer need to invest in infrastructure or on-going administrative costs to access powerful capabilities.


FlexiCapture HTML5-based Web Scanning and Web Verification Stations ensure cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

No matter what sort of workstations you use – local, remote or web-based – you can easily implement and manage distributed business processes across remote locations through responsive web interface.

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