Input Management for SAP

ABBYY solutions classify, capture and extract all business-relevant content from both electronic as well as scanned paper documents and enable their direct transfer to SAP modules for further processing.


Capture and processing workflow

Capture and processing workflow based on the example of automated accounts payable process in SAP.

Capture from Multiple Input Channels

Key to successful document processing is to capture large quantities of information from different input channels, to classify them and make them available in SAP for further processing in the corresponding modules.

ABBYY capture solutions can be used to reliably process invoices, contracts, business and customer correspondence and much more, whether scanned paper documents, PDF files or even e-mails, including the respective attachments. The solutions can map important capture scenarios of modern businesses:

Intelligent Data Extraction and Validation

Documents are intelligently classified by document type, case, recipient or department. Based on the classification results and predefined corporate SAP workflow rules, invoices or business communication are automatically and quickly forwarded to the right caseworker.

Especially when it comes to invoice processing, rule-based validation and comparison with the order information in SAP ensures that only correct invoice data is forwarded for processing. Built-in country-specific settings and compliance validation rules (such as VAT rates) are saving accounting personnel the time required for manual verification effort. This helps to minimise possible financial risks arising from incorrect invoices.

Routing to the Caseworker, SAP or Approval Workflow

Classified and pre-processed documents are automatically routed to the responsible employees in the specialist departments. Predefined workflows ensure that the casework, invoice approval and payment take place in accordance with company-specific rules and approval processes.

This allows incoming invoices to be matched with orders and master data in SAP and cost centres can be automatically assigned. Invoices that require escalation processes or the budget released by other organisational units can also be fed into predefined exception workflows. This enables finance departments to save precious time and resources.

If information can be delivered to a case worker or accountant quickly and optimised for easy handling, this will also speed up auditing and approval processes. For example, invoices can be released for payment more quickly allowing companies to benefit from possible discounts. 

Case Management in SAP

The actual case handling in SAP, which depending on the incoming document in question leads to a payment, business communication or archiving of the document, takes place in the final step of the workflow.

All phases of the processing workflow can be traced and checked at any time, so that employees have a complete overview of all transactions, thereby ensuring the fulfilment of compliance requirements.

Depending on how deeply the data capture solution was integrated into other workflows of the ERP system, even direct and thus inexpensive Straight Through Processing (STP) becomes possible – for instance automated bookings or the automatic updating of customer data in the CRM system.

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