Solutions for Business Process Outsourcers

Regardless of whether you are a document management service provider who focuses on a customer’s special operational process, or an outsourcing provider who covers a complete end-to-end business process, ABBYY’s solutions enable you as a service partner to relieve your customers’ current business meaningfully and cost-effectively. This allows them to concentrate on their core business.

Outsourcing of Operational Standard Processes

ABBYY solutions can be applied cost-effectively and for all clients for scalable standard processes such as:

  • Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Payroll, including reporting and printing
  • HR administration, recruiting
  • Customer service and support, customer experience management
  • Document management
  • Scanning and archiving tasks

Processing of Complex and Industry-specific Documents

ABBYY also offers solutions for processing of document types with complex requirements and sequences specific to a certain industry or economic sector:

  • Applications in industry-specific processes (e.g. accounts centre, medical data processing)
  • Document analysis for controlling, information governance and business intelligence
  • Management of customer communication processes in the consumer sector, e.g. for insurance, e-commerce or loyalty programmes

Standard process or complex end-to-end solution for sector-specific business process outsourcing: ABBYY offers you the right solution. This includes ways to customise the solution to your customers’ particular and changing requirements and processes, as well as the most modern security standards for system stability and compliance. In addition, thanks to its strong partner network, ABBYY offers a wide range of services from process consulting to rapid on-site implementation and system set-up to solid and highly available support.

OpusCapita (formerly Itella) Automates Document Capture with ABBYY

"Itella supplies highly automated and best-in-class processes for incoming documents using ABBYY´s enterprise capture platform, FlexiCapture. This service, which is offered on-demand, enables Itella´s customers to improve the efficiency of business operations without having to incur a significant upfront investment cost." Christian Scherf, Director of Product Strategy at Itella .

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