ABBYY® FlexiCapture®

Transforming business documents into business value.

Remove friction from document-intensive processes.


With FlexiCapture capabilities, it is easy to create applications that meet the requirements of specific internal or outsourced business scenarios. FlexiCapture customization scripts and web service API enable companies to tailor processing stages and data routing to suit your specific needs.

Flexible workflow customization capabilities

Scanning and document classification

Scanning and classification

FlexiCapture offers scripting capabilities for customizing scanning and classification stages. It is vital for some projects to have additional tools for scanning and classification in order to perform special actions or follow regulations.

Recognition and extraction

Recognition and extraction

This script enables a third-party OCR/ICR engine to recognize any region of a field in the document during the customized recognition stage. Recognition stage includes assembly of documents, document sets, text, and data extraction can be adjusted to any custom scenario.

Auto-correction and data validation

Auto-correction and data validation

The auto-correction script is launched automatically after recognition to auto-replace or modify data in recognized fields. Data validation scripts can be used to create rules to define custom algorithms for data validation and normalization (e.g. dictionaries, entire collection or just a custom set of symbols).

Document image enhancement

Document image enhancement

In contrast to the standard assembly rules in document definition properties, a custom script provides the flexibility in document image enhancements by assembling documents into document sets based on user-defined rules.



For the customized verification process, the scripts add controls over document-specific functions, change the software’s behavior for a particular project, or launch automatically for some events that occur when a batch, document or field is processed.

Export rules

Export rules

All processed data can be exported to different formats for further data utilization. Create custom export modules with a scriptable export to deliver data and images directly to external applications, including ECM, CRM and ERP systems.

FlexiCapture Web Service API

Web Service API

Web service API makes it easy to develop custom applications or import modules that will deliver documents directly to FlexiCapture for indexing, classification and data extraction. Data captured by external applications arrive to FlexiCapture processing server over HTTP or HTTPS protocols. The scripts enable embedding of FlexiCapture web-stations into any back-end system and applying custom scenarios, stages, user roles and design (buttons, menus, and toolbars).

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