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Selfies, Searching Cards by Date and Traveling Alone

July 23, 2018

Today, you can hardly find a person who doesn’t take selfies or general photos while strolling around on the street. This issue features: accessories for a perfect selfie, looking for a business card by the creation date, and traveling alone.

We’ve been surfing the web and encountered the photos below. And simply couldn’t help but share them with you!

how to make selfie example breadgirls and creative way of doing selfiefamilly innovative selfie

iOS and Android Tip: Taking a Perfect Selfie

Today we won’t separate our tips by mobile OS. All devices that we discuss below work perfectly both on iOS and Android.

How often are you asked to take a photo of a person on the street? Now, the odds of such question being asked are close to zero. Modern people tend to be independent even in taking photos. And the reason is a selfie. Surprisingly, there are several types of this way of taking photos.

Selfie types

  • Belfie – a selfie of your back
  • Bifie – a selfie in bikini
  • Groufie (Ussie) – a group selfie with friendsселфи селебритис
  • Elevator selfie – a selfie taken in an elevator
  • Momfie – a selfie with your mom
  • Manfie – a selfie of a man
  • Relfie – a selfie with your significant other
  • Suglie – a selfie of a person who makes facestypes of selfie suglie
  • Bathroom mirror selfie – a selfie in a bathroom
  • Wake up selfie – a selfie where your head is on a pillow and you have a sleepy facetypes of selfie wake up selfie
  • Felfie – a selfie with your pet originally taken on a farm
  • Welfie – a fitness selfie made in a gym
  • Helfie – a selfie with your new haircut; the shot is taken in a beauty parlor
  • Bragging Beach Legs Selfie – a selfie of your suntanned legs
  • Shoefie – a selfie of your feet in new shoes
  • Extreme selfie – a selfie taken in extreme circumstances, for example, by roofers

types of selfie extreme selfie

The most important thing for an excellent selfie is your smartphone and its camera. On top of that, there are plenty of accessories and devices that help in taking excellent photos. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Camera phones

The key element of a successful selfie is a high-quality camera or a camera phone. Here are the best camera phones of 2017–2018: Google Pixel 2, Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung S9, Sony Xperia Z5 and iPhone X. In the previous Mobile Monday, we addressed the primary functions of built-in cameras in iPhone and Samsung. We suggest using a timer that will make group selfies and videos a success and a few photo enhancement modes.

Monopod or selfie stick

A selfie stick boom is still underway despite risks or bans for using these accessories in some places. There is a great assortment of monopods available on the market: standard, with a remote control, telescopic or even a transformer monopod that acts both as a selfie stick and a tripod.

But have you ever heard of Flexy Paw? This phone accessory allows you to take selfies of your beloved pets. We all know how hard it is to make your dog sit still and look at one spot. That’s where Flexy Paw comes in. Flexy Paw is a tiny phone accessory with a small pin that holds a treat for your pet and is attached to your smartphone. Your pet will look directly into the camera and the photo will come out perfect.

gadget for selfies flexy paw

GripSnap is a monopod with a magnetic holder that can be attached to a metal surface such as a light pole or a fence when you have no place to place your phone.

gadget for selfies grip snap

Selfie drones

Pitta is an unusual device for taking selfies and recording videos. Its developers now raise money on Kickstarter. This is a ball-shaped gadget that can perform functions of an action camera, drone or a home video surveillance system.

gadget for selfies selfie drone

Pittа is controlled from your smartphone on iOS or Android and all the recorded videos are stored on your device. This innovative gadget is trained to automatically take off and land and its battery is capable of keeping it aloft for 15 minutes.

Another exciting device that will draw your attention is Nixie. It is a small bracelet with a camera that can transform into a quadcopter. The drone is controlled by means of gestures and can take off, take a picture, and get back on your hand automatically.

gadget for selfies nixie selfie bracelet

Portable photo booth

Hypno Eye is a ball made of polymeric material with the camera inside. It has a luminous ring around the camera that is used as a flash, it attracts attention and shows where to look to get a perfect shot.

gadget for selfie hypno eye

This device can upload recorded videos to the internet by connecting via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. It also adds animation to make your videos truly one-of-a-kind.

hypno eye animation effect

Photo cameras

Instant photo cameras are really popular among teenagers and professional Instagrammers. Take Instax, for example. It lets you take a photo and print it… instantly! If you opt for Instax, try scrapbooking sets that enable you to design and make your own photo albums.

gadget for selfies instant photo instax

Prynt is a one-of-a-kind smartphone case that is also a printer. Want to print a photo directly from your smartphone? What can be easier! Just put this case on, pair it with your phone, and voila! You get magical pictures just like in the Harry Potter movies. Select a photo for your camera to send it to a cloud and apply animation. Then print a photo and point your camera to it. It will come to life!

gadget for selfies prynt instant photo

The Qlippie portable wide-angle camera is so small that you can hide it in your pocket. With a special clip, this device can be attached to virtually any place. If needed, you can additionally purchase a monopod and cute stickers to freshen up camera’s design.

gadget for selfies qlippie with different covers

DxO ONE would be a general digital camera if it didn’t have a lightening plug on the side panel. To use this device, simply install its app and start taking pictures. DxO ONE can take photos in the RAW format that saves a negative to the memory card and a JPEG file to your Gallery. You can easily rotate it to take selfies as well. DxO ONE can be connected only to iPhone.

gadget for selfies through lightning for iPhone dxo one

Camera lenses

To expand capabilities of your camera even further, attach additional lenses. One of the most widely used lens is Fish Eye that also comes with a wide angle and macro lenses.

gadgets for selfies different lenses

You can also buy an even more convenient lens with tripods, just like on the photo below.

gadget for selfies lens with tripods

Here’s a nice waterproof case for underwater photo-shooting. Take it on vacation and record unbeatable videos above and under the water surface!

gadget for selfies underwater photo shooting cover

Some really awkward devices…

Today’s market for smartphone accessories have a huge assortment of devices designed specifically for selfie fans—and here’s one of them. A monopod intended to be used for taking belfies. Need an accurate shot of your back? Opt for a belfie stick. Well, an image below speaks for itself really…

gadget for selfies to make belfies

Do you want to have a nourishing breakfast and feast your eyes on your own picture at the same time? Try selfie toaster. It will print or simply burn a picture of yourself on a toast.

gadget for selfies to make toasts look like you

ABBYY Tip: Searching For Business Cards By Date

Do you remember the date of a conference but the name of a person that you’ve met totally slips your memory? Yes, we’ve all been there. Try looking for their business card by its recognition date:

  1. Open iOS BCR on your device.
  2. Tap the magnifier icon at the top-right corner.
  3. Select Search by date and specify a time range.
  4. Voila! Business cards for this period of time will display sorted by alphabet.

Abbyy BCR search by date

App of the Week: Roofbot

Roofbot app logic puzzle

Roofbot is a conundrum game. Its main character is a cute robot who moves across building roofs and collects slots for a puzzle. This is a colorful game with pleasant background music, beautiful graphics, and a moving plot.

roofbot that is trying to save planet

It features 120 levels and 25 tips that help you find the correct route. Roofbot is an exciting conundrum with a high rating that comes in reasonable price—only $2.99.

roofbot app for two platforms android and ios

Available on iOS and Android.

First-Hand Experience: Advice From a Colleague

By Sergey Kharchenko, iOS developer


When time for vacation comes we want to spend it somewhere near the beach, sun, and water. Yet, even if you have time and money at your disposal, you may lack someone who will accompany you in your marvelous trip. You start reaching out to your friends but most of the time they have other plans. In this case you have two options: either find someone using special online services or go alone.

I personally would go for the second option and here is why:

  1. You can stick to your own plans and do not have to conflict with other people.
  2. It follows from the first point that you have absolute freedom and can alter your plan at any time. It’s nice to have a plan but its even better to be unexpected.
  3. If you are sociable enough, you can try to get acquainted with other people. And who knows, maybe they will be the ones to accompany you next time!
  4. The most important thing on a trip is a challenge. Ask yourself: what can I accomplish? Can I overcome myself and grow into a better person? Unforgettable emotions make us better and stronger!


But this way of traveling also comes with a set of disadvantages:

  1. Traveling by yourself is often more expensive.
  2. If you are not a sociable person it will be hard to find new friends. Now revise item four from the previous list.

You may find your own pros and cons but remember—travelling is an advantage by itself!


You’ve weighed all pros and cons and decided to take a chance and travel by yourself. Are you still afraid and have no clue how to overcome fear? Well, just like in many other cases you have two options: jump in feet first or go slowly.

I believe that making your trips more and more complex is a better way to ease into traveling alone. First, I took a package tour, then planned everything myself. From what I see, devising your own travel plan is much better. It allows you to visit places that are left virtually unavailable for package tour travelers. Even though it might cost a pretty penny, it is still worth it!


Thinking of traveling alone, with your partner or with a group? It is always up to you, but in life there’s always a place for something new, right? Why not try all of these options? Go for it! Travelling will give you strength for new achievements and will help you discover something exciting!


That’s all for now, see you next Monday!

P.S. The previous issue is here.



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