ABBYY healthcare automation solutions

Optimize quality of health information management and reduce costs.

The ABBYY capture and search solutions optimize healthcare document-driven processes and information retrieval with highly accurate OCR, automated data capture, document classification and information extraction.

Healthcare automation scenarios

Patient registration

ABBYY automated healthcare solution with OCR, data capture and classification technology combines the convenience of scanning with laborsaving tools that identify document types, extract data and link them to the correct patient records. Learn more ›

Billing, claims processing

ABBYY precision OCR and data extraction technology ensures that accurate data is submitted to healthcare billing, accounting and claims management systems in a timely fashion. Learn more ›

Patient satisfaction surveys

ABBYY automates and speeds the collection and submission of patient satisfaction surveys – guaranteeing they are accurately processed in time to claim full benefits. Learn more ›

See how ABBYY solutions for healthcare  address your organizational needs: 


How ABBYY healthcare automation solutions work.

healthcare automation solution scheme

Technologies leveraged

The ABBYY health information management (HIM) solutions are powered by advanced technologies that are developed and patented by ABBYY. They include:

  • Award-winning optical character recognition technologies that convert images and photographs into electronic text.
  • Natural language processing technologies for search, classification and information extraction enable easy document management.
    They detect the true meaning of words and their relationships to one another and transform strings of characters into data that "makes sense" to computers.

  • Intelligent data capture and classification technologies for extracting data from healthcare forms and documents of virtually any type and complexity.

SDKs for developers

Add value to your healthcare IT solutions by integrating OCR and data capture technology.

Learn more

Customer stories

Henry Ford Health System makes giving charitable donations easier thanks to advanced ICR.

ABBYY FlexiCapture helps decrease document processing time by 95% for Pharmaceutical Industry Company.

Find out how Community Eye Care automatically captures 56,000 HCFA 1500 claim forms annually using ABBYY FlexiCapture.

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