ABBYY solutions
for banking and finance

Leverage automated enterprise capture for document driven processes.

ABBYY process automation and capture solutions enable financial institutions to replace traditional paper with digital documents that are easy to search, access, manage and process. In this way, it is possible to address the need of attracting new business and customers, more effectively serving existing clients, reducing costs, increasing profit, preventing fraud and meeting regulatory compliance issues.

Streamline document-driven processes - Scenarios

Benefits ABBYY solutions provide


Cost reduction

Automate data entry, eliminate paper document shipping, and standardize processes for document capture, save costs on paper storage, including labour and real estate.


Better, faster customer service

Capture documents at the point of entry and speed up customer service using ABBYY solutions’ easy-to-use Web interface for scanning and verification.


Higher business efficiency

Streamline and automate daily operations such as account opening, credit card application management and loan and mortgage processing.


Regulatory compliance

Meet regulatory requirements, save money and protect the institution’s reputation by tracing data, completing full audits and detecting and preventing fraud.

Customer stories

Press Release - Banque Populaire de l’Ouest

Banque Populaire de l’Ouest digitizes and automatically classifies incoming credit applications from various channels.

Case Study - Sberbank

Europe’s third largest bank allows corporate customers to pay paper bills using bank’s own app on their mobile devices.

Case Study - Freo

Freo speeds up processing and classification of consumer credit application and benefits from quicker decision making.

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