Intelligent Automation for Financial Services

Smarter, faster banking for today’s customers.

Delivering account services

Improve customer service with automated mobile customer onboarding.

Accelerate contactless banking and remove person-to-person interactions by fully discovering the many interactions between people and content in your processes.

Automatically process onboarding documents from mobile devices

ABBYY technology enables you to create seamless interactions for customers and employees by implementing mobile and remote apps to automate processing of essential documents. By using ABBYY’s low-code mobile apps for onboarding, credit, and loan processes, customers can easily and remotely capture required identification and documentation, extract and validate the data, and send it to applications and systems. This means that application forms (including those with hand-printed data), along with their required complementary documents such as ID cards, proofs of residency, employment, and revenue certification can be captured from any device, wherever the customer is.

Features & Benefits

Improve customer service and increase efficiency with automated customer onboarding via contactless mobile interactions.

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Discover and remedy KYC/AML, crimes, and fraud vulnerabilities with tools that visualize interactions, content, and suspicious account activity.

Benefits 114V 77X77

Fit into the existing infrastructure of today’s financial institutions and facilitate a variety of workflows.

Benefits 190R 77X77

Enable data capture at the point of service (mobile devices) with contactless distributed or centralized processing.

Benefits 187B 77X77

Ensure fast and accurate processing of account opening applications and supporting documentation.

Benefits 118V 77X77

Use a single platform for processing various types of documents that can also be used for mortgage loan applications, commercial/consumer loan applications, account openings, and credit card applications.

Benefits 210R 77X77

Adapt immediately to new forms and documents using modern AI with NLP and machine learning.

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