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The only end-to-end Process Intelligence platform built to transform your entire business.


Built with the enterprise business user in mind.

ABBYY Timeline is the only process intelligence platform that combines deep-rooted analysis and predictive classification and search capabilities with extremely granular monitoring and alerting. For businesses, that means gaining full transparency of your processes, answering deeper questions about them, and having the data to support technology investments for process improvement.

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Transparent pricing

Innovative, customer-friendly pricing means paying only for the capabilities you need. We deliver process analytics with no hidden costs or additional products required. Understand the price you pay upfront, with no surprises.

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Analytics, not infrastructure

Timeline’s fully managed cloud platform approach reduces operational overhead by handling performance, scalability, availability, security, and compliance needs automatically. We deliver regular product updates and improvements based on our own ideas and best practices from industry leaders, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest features and capabilities built in.

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Quick to start, easy to scale

With low coding and an easy-to-use platform with enterprise-level technology, you can become a process genius in no time at all. Start with one process, load your data, and immediately discover, analyze, optimize, and monitor within minutes.

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Connect data from many sources

Timeline provides a single location to visualize and analyze all your business processes end-to-end, no matter how many back-end systems are being used. Connectors and ETL in the cloud help connect Timeline tools and data to practically any system you use to run your business. Timeline doesn’t replace your existing IT investments; it compliments them. It’s designed to work with the tools you already use and broaden the possibilities for business process analysis.

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Puts together your process puzzle

While other solutions limit you to a specific question to get a specific answer, Timeline’s unique approach associates every piece of your process data with every other piece, no matter what system of record. With instant response time for results, you can understand your process end to end.

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