Real-time monitoring, alerting & remediation

Monitor process execution and alert staff when specific situations are detected. Sustain process excellence and prevent backsliding.

Timeline can automatically monitor process execution in near real–time to ensure processes are performing as planned, and trigger alerts to staff when deviations are detected.

Harness the power of a Process Intelligence platform

Protocol analysis

Specify rules that must be followed and identify processes that fail to meet those conditions. Display protocol violations or trigger an Alert.


Users can create Alerts in the application. Once the alert conditions are met, the application creates the Message and sends it to employees.

Side-by-side comparison

Automatically compare pre and post initiative process instances side by side to identify if your process improvements are performing as planned.

Operational dashboards

All users can easily define process monitoring dashboards to track key process metrics and be alerted to any change of conditions.

Monitor real-time process execution

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Process monitoring

Enjoy automated execution visibility, while enabling a 100% auditable digital log of end-to-end processes across any number of software applications, departments or even companies. Measuring performance continuously makes it easy to sustain the level of process excellence leadership demands.

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Process alerting

When a timeline matches certain conditions you define, a message will be sent through email to one or more users, calls made to other BPM processes, or new robots spawned. Alerts can be customized to fit specific rules set by you or your organization.

You can't improve what you don't understand

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Sustain process expectations and process excellence over time.

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Uncover risk, fraud and control issues as they occur, and alert staff to prevent issues.

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Ensure 100% compliance & maintain legislated requirements or company SLAs.

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Automatically effect BPM remediation processes or spawn new robots using RPA technology.

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Maintain 100% audit logs for the “As Is” process ensuring proper functionality.

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