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with integrated OCR and data capture functionality.

Adding Value to Your Healthcare IT Solutions with OCR

By incorporating ABBYY's sophisticated text recognition technologies (OCR) into their products, software providers and developers of software for healthcare can add significant value to their applications.

ABBYY OCR and data capture technologies allow healthcare organisations to automatically extract text and data from printed documents and import them into other applications. Data in printed documents - medical reports, prescription forms, patient records, and letters - can be used more effectively. In addition, internal administrative and business processes can be optimised further, for example by automated processing of invoices or delivery notes.


Common usage scenarios:

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Turning Paper into Electronic Information for Further Processing

Turning paper into electronic information: how it works

Paper documents can be converted into PDF and PDF/A files, Microsoft Word, Excel, XML, and many more formats. Relevant data in documents, such as application forms or medical reports, can be extracted and handed over to backend systems and archives.

The benefits of ABBYY’s technologies

Benefits for Developers

  • Enhanced software functionality with the ability to utilise information from printed documents
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty due to higher software solution value
  • Easy implementation of new features in existing applications via standard APIs and Visual Components

Add OCR to your healthcare software.

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