ABBYY Technology for Healthcare

By implementing ABBYY's sophisticated technologies for text recognition (OCR), document conversion and data capture, software providers and developers of healthcare software can add significant value to their applications.

Patient Data Management Software

By applying OCR, printed documents can be digitally stored as searchable PDF files. Medical reports, laboratory test results and other relevant correspondence can then be linked to the patient’s electronic health record (EHRs) and easily accessed at any time via search keywords.

Patient data management
Digitise, process and archive hospital documents

Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS)

With the help of high quality text recognition, all doctor’s letters from patients and agreements with health insurers can be digitised and electronically archived as PDF files. Data from specific fields on medical documents and doctor’s letters can be extracted and forwarded to HIMS and other systems for integration into patient’s medical records. Patient surveys and reports can be easily and quickly processed for immediate use.

Solutions for Health Insurance Providers

Information relevant to health insurance providers can be extracted from medical documents, health insurance plans or invoices for treatment and imported into other programmes for further tasks. Invoices and client correspondence can be digitally stored as searchable PDF documents and later found quickly using search keywords.

Data extraction from medical documents
OCR software for pharmacies

Software for Pharmacies

By scanning medical prescriptions, printed information can be extracted by OCR and imported into software and applications for pharmacies where it can be validated against existing databases or stock systems and even be used to direct picking robots. This way, prescriptions cannot only be validated automatically to support ensure future reimbursement by health insurance providers. With information captured on prescriptions and stored in customer databases, pharmacy staff can access customer histories instantly for improved service and consultancy.

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